Wayback When With Triggs | Ep 14 Chelsea Auction

Over the past few decades Trigger Brothers has accumulated a large collection of old school photo’s of Paul, Phil and friends from back when it all began! So we decided it’s time we get Paul to write up a short story about some of these classic moments in time… from local sessions and state titles to random road trips across the country.
Trigger Bros.

Photos taken at the surfboard auction held  on the 25th of February 2006 at the original home of Trigger Bros 484 Nepean Hwy Chelsea.

Trigger Bros Staff and friends

From left to right

1 Phil’s son Matt, a skilled all round waterman (surfing and sailboarding). A Mr Fix-it on anything that is not working. He has been behind our push into snowboarding since conception handling imports and is passionate about our on-line store.

2 Phil Newman one of our closest friends having grown up in good old Chelsea . An individual of immense energy with a love of surfing and it’s history. Phil was one of auctioneers and performed splendidly on the day.

3 Stuart Matthews is our key man for our website and online store. Working alongside Matt they both still share a long time passion for sailboarding. An employee for some 17 years, he has produced 90 percent of our art work, the Coat of Arms probably having been the most popular with some 10,000 units screened. Stuart and I have heaps of great memories from the Chelsea store but none that could match closing the shop door to watch a 60ft whale gliding along just 40 meters off the beach directly in front of his house.

4 Brother Phil, still with that love of the ocean that we both share and coming back strong after a full hip replacement.

5 Ian “cocky” Cochrane; at 15 a precocious talent who was our first employee to learn the skills of shaping and glassing. After around 30 years its reported he’s back surfing in 2013.

6 Liam McCafferty. A smooth kid with a tough core from the Pines. Liam came to us like so many others through the school work experience program. He was a natural with customers, had a great sense of adventure and as the years passed became a very good surfer, skater and snowboarder, ideal for a business like ours. I did a couple of interstate trips with him and what he lacked in skill he always covered with courage.The only surfer to snap his leg surfing behind the rock. A lifelong friend of the Bros.

7 John Jolly our glasser and friend for some 30 years. Still a passionate surfer and lover of big waves.

8 Brother Paul recovering from a hip replacement and hopefully, in 12 months paddling out at Spooks.

9 Shane Carter relocated to Chelsea having grown up skating the streets and parks of Albury Wodonga. A young kid who hung out in our store till Liam persuaded me to give him a job. Over the coming years his enthusiasm for skating and snowboarding saw a remarkable upturn in our business. His passion saw him outgrow his position with us and he moved across to Burton with our blessing. Another lifelong friend of the Bros.

10. Peter Baker, 10 years younger than  Phil and I but one of my best mates for the surf and snow. Peter worked part time at Chelsea in the 70’s polishing surfboards and helping in the shop. He was a very good swimmer, footballer and basketballer.

Missing in action Wilco the Wonderman (Peter Wilkinson )

Alan Francis

Al helping out with the Auction on the day.

ABOVE: Alan Francis glasser at the  Leo factory for close to 25 years.


L-R: Shane Carter, Paul Trigger, Phil Trigger, Stuart Matthews


L-R: John Jolli, Ian Cochrane, Paul Trigger, Phil Trigger, Phil Newman


Surf Historian Bob Smith wrote an article about the Auction which can be viewed here.