Way Back When Ep 22 | The Garry Taylor Pro Tour Quiver (late 80’s)


These boards including a couple of big Guns for Hawaii were shaped up by GT and glassed by Alan Francis. Not too many surfers on the tour actually shape their own surfboards by hand though some may claim to (with the help of cad machines). The tail was snapped off the big gun at Waimea, the board a goner but GT survived. That’s a young ST holding up Gazza’s boards.

He was on the World Surfing Tour for a few years having qualified into the top 33 by winning 3 trials events, most notably the Quiksilver Trials at Bells spectacularly defeating Kong in the Final.

Travelling his best results were a set of 9th places but unfortunately the prize money was a pittance compared to today. Garry currently lives at Harrietville a stone’s throw to The Hotham slopes where he is a standout on any run. He is still a very good skater and I have no doubt he could ride an ironing board if he had to.