Way Back When Ep 27 – Trigger Vans

The Trigger Vans
Following many years of worthy service transporting our stock from store to store and trips to the surf and snow, we finally had to put the old girl out to pasture in the backyard of the Leo Shop. Wilko and I drove 100’s of thousands of kilometres in this magnificent Holden Panel Van.

Like many of the Ford and Holden cars residing by the coast, the salt air caused major rust, so once one’s feet fell thru the floor it was time for a Phil Trigger makeover with fibreglass patchwork on the floor, the door sills, around the windows and on the tailgate.

Once those spots were structurally sound Phil would add the finishing touches! A coat of paint (Dulux Wash and Wear leftovers from someone’s house) applied lovingly with a paint brush for that extra texture and yet from a good distance neat enough to slip past unsuspecting Police on the lookout for unroadworthy vehicles.

Pictured below: Phil’s apprentice Matt Trigger (paint brush in hand) just following directions prepares the van for combat duty and a few more years on the road unnoticed.

A trip to Hotham

In the street next to Trigger Bros Chelsea store.