Vew Do Balance Boards

About 10 years ago we first stocked the Vew Do balance boards as we could see the cross over with Surfing and Snowboarding. They became hard to track down and eventually we ran out of stock and were unable to get them back in.

Fast forward to now and we have directly imported the boards from the USA our selves.

All Vew Do boards have a unique rail system to guide the board while seated on the rock. End rails prevent the board from rolling straight off the end. This design makes them easy and fun to play on.


The Zippy

Our favourite board in the range is the Zippy. While the shape of the boards does vary a little, the biggest difference is the shape of the rock (the round wooden cylinder that sits on the floor). The Zippy rock has outriggers that allow the board to be ridden ‘on edge’ as well as flat on the floor. The wide reaching outriggers prevent the board from tipping over too much, think of them like training wheels on a bike. Being able to tilt the board adds some variety to what can be performed on the board.


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The Flow

The performance driven Flow makes this model a must have for any intermediate to advanced athlete looking to increase their performance, strength and overall balance skills. The Flow features an hourglass shaped 7-ply maple deck, high density injection molded rail system, environmentally friendly STS traction surface and a solid hardwood angle tapered rock. This uniquely designed deck and rock combo allow for a quick transfer of rotational energy from hips to legs to board.


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El Dorado

And finally in the advanced category is the El Dorado which according to Vew Do is their most challenging board to date. The Rock boasts an increased 5″ diameter, quick radial taper and a reduced primary riding surface area. In otherwords the rock is starting to look more like a sphere than a cylinder. If you are after a board than in the long run will ‘give back more’ because it will be such a challenge to ride then consider this one.


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