Uncharted Waters – The personal history of Wayne Lynch

unchartedwaters-thumbNo one had ever surfed like Wayne Lynch. Raised in the wild, empty waves of his native Victoria, Wayne’s futuristic approach laid down the lines that would come to define modern surfing. Uncharted Waters, a new documentary produced and directed by Craig Griffin, traces the personal story of one of surf culture’s most iconic figures. But it’s about much more than a life given to riding waves—from years as a conscientious objector to his decision to leave the hustle of the surf industry behind, it’s a film about being true to your own chosen path.

Friday Nov 22th 7.00pm

Peninsula Cinemas – Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento Ph: (03) 5984-2903

Lots of familiar faces turned up for the Karingal screening including some of the younger staff here at Trigger Bros who were not familiar with Wayne Lynch. No one left disappointed ! The doco is a must see. It took until lunchtime for the conversation in the shop to turn to something else with everyone recalling their favourite moments.

Coming Soon: the Q&A session after the film with the director Graig Griffin and Wayne Lynch.

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