Trigger Bros custom epoxy SUP

Almost 2 years ago I decided to have a go at making my own Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).


Simon Forward had been shaping polystyrene short boards and we had manufactured a few epoxy glass customs and stock boards over the last few years. I also knew Stumpy at Stump Surfboards had a vacuum bag pump, so I got Simon to shape a 7’10” × 29″ × 4¾” round tail. It has a full length concave maxing out @1/2″ 2 foot from the tail. The volume came in at 110L.

After the blank was shaped I glassed a single layer of 6oz fibreglass on the bottom and then took it around to Stumpies for the bamboo veneer to be applied to the deck.

We put a layer of carbon down, and 2 extra 6oz pads in the main paddling area, then wet it out using as little resin as possible. Finally we then laid the bamboo on and place it in a specially prepared plastic bag which acts as a 360 degree clamp. Turning on the pump sucks all the air out of the bag which in turn forces to bamboo evenly onto the wet glassed deck, it runs for 4 hours until the epoxy resin goes off.

The next day I collected the board and glassed over the top and rails with 6oz fiberglass.

The final filler coats are applied over the next few days until finally it’s ready to sand and finish. The finished weight came in at 6.75 kg

As for performance I feel like I’m riding my 6’6″ but with the aid of the paddle its faster and with the slim rail it slices through the white water with ease.

After a lot of abuse the deck doesn’t show any signs of use. The bottom has a 1/4 “channel on one side and both fins had to be replaced when I accidently drove over it from nose to tail. You can check it out at Leo.

We can only make boards 8’6″ or less. Increasing the width by 1″ to 30″ brings the volume up to 130L. By increasing it up to 31″ you would have a 138L board. Maximum measurements are 8’6″ x 31” x 4¾ @ 138 litres.

See you in the surf,
Phil Trigger