The Harrisons: a Farewell

Our friendship with Mark and Melissa goes way back to a time when their two young surfing stars Piper and Marlon were some 15 to 20 years from gaining a birth certificate.

Mark became one of our team riders when he was about 13 and has been a close friend ever since with a passion for hard work, having fun and an endless love of surfing that in our eyes, see’s him as one of the best in Australia for his age. He is also a great Family man.

Melissa came to work for us way before she met Mark. Perhaps we had something to do with the two getting together but that could be stretching it a bit. She took on a part time job at our Sorrento store while studying to be a nurse. Phil, Shop Manager Peter Wilkinson, and I regard Melissa as good as the best female we have had on staff and her high energy level has seen her develop into a very good surfer. She is now a highly sort after theatre nurse in QLD.

For us it has been a pleasure to have sponsored Piper and Marlon. They have risen through the ranks from The Trigger Bros Super Groms to being very competitive at the highest junior levels of surfing in Australia. In fact Piper had a fabulous win down at Phillip Island just last weekend taking out the inaugural Phillip Island Pro QS 1000, while a few months back Marlon won the Rip Curl Grom Search in Maroubra. Our shaper Simon Forward has kept them at the top of their game with some ripping boards for the past 10 years.

Living at Snapper Rocks for the past two seasons has helped place the kids in the spotlight where international surfboard companies like Channel Islands are in a far better position to help continue their journey to becoming professional surfers . Phil and I, on behalf of all the staff at Trigger Bros, wish them all the best and we will be watching with a sense of pride and excitement as their story unfolds.