Surfing Pt.Leo during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s been a crazy week on the Peninsula with many of us confused about whether or not to go surfing during the current restrictions on social distancing. Here is some information sent through from Tony the Ranger at Point Leo Foreshore Reserve. Please direct any further questions to Tony if need be. Also note things can change on a daily basis so check before you do anything!

Due to the evolving COVID 19 issue most reserves have begun a series of staged closures throughout public spaces. At this stage most toilets, playgrounds and BBQs are closed. Camping / sleeping in cars is prohibited. If you must go surfing (and please consider the implications carefully if you are thinking of surfing over the weekend), please surf, then immediately go home, do not linger in car parks or on the beach for a chat with friends, this is not appropriate during these times.

Please don’t screw this up for the wider surfing community.

Failure by the general public to do so will result in further restrictions being placed throughout the reserve. Ultimately this may result in many reserves being closed completely and surfing being banned for a period of time by government.

The police are regularly patrolling the park, fines of up to $16000 may apply if people are found to be in breach of current restrictions. 

Tony Walkington, Manager/Ranger Point Leo Park and Reserve