Supergroms Summer 2009-10 Contest 3 Results

Well despite the threat of a massive Tsunami and Huey letting us down with a dropping swell the 3rd instalment of our Supergrom junior series was completed on Sunday 28th February. Facing a strong south westerly we selected Crunchie Point for its protected conditions. The rising swell gave our grommies challenging 1-2 ft waves to surf. After a briefing on evacuating in the face of a Tsunami situation we kicked off with the under 12 Girls.

With a mere 60 odd kids we were able to run heats and finals for divisions with more than six kids which was wonderful. This made it quite a competition for our Under 12 and Under 14 Boys. The overall standard of surfing in the Supergroms is improving with every contest. It is obvious that everyone is putting in a lot of water time.

The Under 10 Boys were divided into children surfing out the back on the main break and those more comfortable surfing the inside section. This allowed everyone of different levels and confidences to compete on equal level. It also allowed the judges to focus on one area of the break and not miss anyone’s waves. The day was completed with the Under 12 and Under 14 Boys Finals which were contested in windy challenging conditions. The competition in these divisions is fierce and the aggregate is wide open after this contest.

The contest ran smoothly with the helpful assistance of Clare Easton taking memberships, Skip Easton running the heats, Harry for water safety, Morgan on PA and our countless number of parent judges. Thanks to Paul Trigger on coming down and judging. Thanks to all the wonderful mums and dads who donned wetsuits and went out and helped there kids in the water. Jane Frankland, Bronwyn Martin and Deb Clarke for lots of lovely photos of you guys doing your thing! I was overwhelmed with offers of assistance and appreciate them all.

The BBQ was cranked up early on the beach so a constant flow of sausages in bread for everyone. So as the kids exit the water a sang in bread hit the spot. Many thanks to Evan for manning the Barbie all day. And as always a huge Thanks to Paul Findlay of Findlay meats for providing the BBQ sausages.

Melissa Dart-Harrison


Under 10 Boys out the back

Charlie Lucas
Jamie Townsend-Kopp
Max Vercoe
Rhyss Stewert
Marlon Harrison

Under 10 Boys inside
Archer Lloyd
Jamie Clemie
Ziggy Strauss

Under 10 Girls
Piper Harrison
Clare Bounds
Brynee Clark

Under 12 Boys
James Easton
Jed Fasso
Nick Ford
Gulliver Steelhead
Lex Bounds
Luke Franklin

Under 12 Girls
Lily Strauss
Alexander Wake
Katelin Clemie
Emma Martin

Under 14 Boys
Nick Rose
Jack Collings
Jeremy Franklin
Tom Duell
Joel Wookey
Jamieson Kingston

Under 14 Girls
Laura Fowler
Kerry O’James
Ellen Easton

Under 16 Boys
Jack Dewhurst
Harry Young
Ben Hudson
Jacob Harrison

Under 16 Girls
Tabitha Vockler
Ginny Hodgkinson

Excellence Awards

Clare Bounds, Charlotte Duell, Ben Hudson, Ginny Hodgkinson, Katelin Clemie, Brynee Clark, Max Vercoe, Jamie Townsend-Kopp, Jarrod Barke