Trigger Bros – The Nuke 2.

Project Description

A higher volume version of the original Nuke board.

Surfers Ability
Wave Size

When we first started manufacturing our Nuke back in November 2017 we were aiming at a small to midsize wave board for intermediate to above average surfers.

Our stock models ran from 5’6″ to 6’6″. Some 6 months later the Nuke was to become the most popular surfboard in our range since the Stubby with custom orders from 6’6″ to 8′ constituting half the sales. As a result we decided to label these bigger sizes the Nuke 2.

The Nuke 2 obviously has much higher litreage (volume) particularly through the tail area where its needed to support bigger bodies, while at the same time maintaining really good trim speed. Brother Phil had ridden our Stubby Model since its inception in 2003 but came across to the Nuke in December 2017 and hasn’t looked back. At 88kg he is ideally suited to the Nuke 2 where he can ride back foot right over the tail pad.

When you’re an elite athlete at 85 to 120kg a thin low volume tail simply will not cope. The surfer in this situation tends to move forward to build speed but more often than not digs a rail on turning. The Nuke 2 is at least a ¼ of an inch thicker in the tail offering the same easy glide onto waves and quick acceleration as its little brother.

The original Nuke model was inspired by Kelly and Tomo’s collaboration in the Omni. Our shape combines the back half of our Reactor with a Shovel nose up front hence Nuclear Reactor abbreviated to “Nuke”. It’s a really exciting new board that looks very different yet hits a high on the Function Factors. That overused phrase your can ride this board 3 inches shorter has serious credibility with our Nuke.

Above we have our 5ft 9 Nuke laid out on top of the 6ft 2 Reactor outline (both at 19.5 inches wide). The only point of difference is the 6 inches of nose flip which carries very little volume being both narrow and thin. When shaping, as soon as we saw off the excess blank in front of our shovel nose we add as much lift in the first 8 inches as possible. This way we have maintained the fundamental overall rocker line of a longer board while at the same time eliminating pearling (nose diving) on the shortened Nuke.

With the bottom shape we have set up a ⅛” concave with a double barrel that takes it to ¼” in either side of the stringer. The concaves fade out at the tail where we have just a light vee over the last 6 inches.

The Nuke is set up as a thruster and with extra boxes to ride as a four fin, in fact our team Riders Hayden and Angus Forrest (designers of the Lumberjack) prefer the 4 fin set up on the 5ft 7 Demo. You really feel like you’re travelling at speed when you switch to the 4 but with the thrusters there is the ability to handle more power and surf more vertical.

Length Width Thickness Vol(L) $
8’0″ 22½” 3¼” 65 840
7’6″ 22″ 3″ 58.2 820
7’0″ 21½” 3″ 52 800
6’8″ 21½” 3″ 49.6 780
6’6″ 21½” 3″ 48.4 780
6’4″ 21″ 2⅞” 46.3 780

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