Supergroms Summer 2013-14 Contest 4

There was plenty of swell 2-5’ for the event on Sunday with some quite large sets coming through at Crunchy Point. Winds were onshore but there were clean little gems out there to be found. That gave a rare opportunity to see some performance surfing from the older age groups. They did not let us down and the U13’s in particular saw long rides with multiple linked turns. In fact our group of state level competitors showed us where you need to be surfing at that level. The general level of surfing across the all age groups is surprising and I think has improved over my time involved with Supergroms. U9, U11 girls and boys have some real talent that if it comes through will see the Mornington Peninsula become a competition powerhouse.

Everyone enjoyed having good waves for the final event although the parents in the water with the U9’s at high tide were struggling with the sweep down the point and glad to be back on shore. Results for this event will be held over until the presentation day to create some anticipation on the series aggregate point’s awards. We will try to hold the day towards the end of this month if we can. So stay tuned.

The one result I can announce is the postponed U13 boys final from event 3.  Charlie Lucas held out for the win being pushed by the rest of the boys in the absence of his partners in crime Jett and Rip. Ned Smith and Troy Jessop were close behind 2nd and 3rd respectively with Keenan Manning 4th, Taj Barber 5th and Cooper Clohesy 6th.

With the events done and dusted for the season it would not happen without all the volunteer help.  So thanks again to our committee, judges, water safety, the barbie king and queen, marshals, totalisers parents, kids and anyone else I forgot who helped out. Announcements on the presentation day will be out soon.


Good surfing Al