Supergroms Summer 2012-13 Contest 4 Results

The 4th competition event of our Supergroms series was completed on Sunday. Conditions were testing with a 2-4′ inconsistent swell and strong SSW wind but plenty of ridable waves. I have reissued the report for our 2nd event 11/11/12 with the results of the finals we could not run on the day. We decided not to run these finals as well on Sunday as some competitors were missing, which seemed a bit unfair. So the results were calculated on the original heats wave scores and heat positions. This calculation gives in effect a performance score across all heats and gives us a ranking.

The overall series results are calculated from the best 3 competitor event results out of the 4 held events. A points scale is allocated to the competitors positions and a total calculated as per the Surfing Australia Rule Book. We are in new territory having for the first time completed four events before Xmas. After some discussion we will run an additional event after the school holidays. This will be a purely FUN event with prizes, a change of format and some coaching maybe. Note it will not count to the series results. The timing will be worked out over the school hols and we will make an announcement in due course.

The surfing calender gets quite crowded into the new year with Surfing VIC state level contests and also the announcement of a couple of Micro Groms contests for the first time. Check the Surfing VIC website for details if you are interested. Given the problems we have had in past years of finishing the series off and pushing into May, I’m very happy to be where we are now. Presentation day has to be organised and we would of course like to hold it when as many of us are available as possible. It could be either late in the school hols or after them. If your not going to be here in the holidays then let me know so I can guage if having the presentation is viable during this period. I’m always happy to take suggestions as well.

I trust that everyone was happy with the Tee shirts? We have a list of those that have not picked theirs up. Please contact me and we will make specific arrangements for you to get them. If all fails then they will be at the presentation day.

Finally I thank everyone who has been involved in the series and wish them a safe and happy holiday period. For all the “Groms” a long hot summer stretches out full of opportunities to get out there and have fun. You might think back when your sitting in the crowd at Crunchy and realise how lucky you have been surfing the waves we have had.

See you over the summer and stay tuned.




U10 Boys Inside:

  1. Will Holman
  2. Lucas Hickson
  3. Joel Bell
  4. Tristan Hyde
  5. Mitchell Lyall
  6. Huey Holman
  7. Oscar Timmer


U10 Boys Outback:

  1. Marlon Harrison
  2. Max Burton
  3. Ziggy Strauss
  4. Saul Taylor
  5. Jake Pancic
  6. Harry Hart
  7. Noah Southwell


U12 Boys

  1. Rip Everett
  2. Charlie Lucas
  3. Jett Dickinson
  4. Lestyn Knapp
  5. Archer Lloyd
  6. Tom Matthews


U14 Boys

  1. Oscar Van Stekelenburg
  2. James Easton
  3. Nick Ford
  4. Luke Davises
  5. Lachie Macintosh
  6. Luke Frankland


U16 Boys

  1. Billy White
  2. Chris Hogg
  3. Louie McGoven


U10 Girls Inside

  1. Sarah Hickson
  2. Josie Reichelt
  3. India Lucas
  4. Erica Fallon
  5. Alice Fallon
  6. Sarsha Panchic


U10 Girls Outside

  1. Keely Clarke


U12 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Brynne Clarke
  3. Ella De Graf
  4. Abbey Lyall
  5. Sarah Lark
  6. Tia Holman


U14 Girls

  1. Zali Cargill
  2. Annie Buntine
  3. Lilli Strauss
  4. Jay Reichelt
  5. Sasha Taylor
  6. Ruby Stone


U16 Girls


  1. Jemima Hart