Supergroms Summer 2012-13 Contest 3 Results

The third Supergroms contest for the season was 95% completed in good size waves at Crunchie Point this morning. Unfortunately the tide was getting too low to run the U/16 boys final. We will run this event, (as well as the other finals missed at the 2nd comp) at the fourth contest. We had a total of 62 competitors, including some new faces which is great, also 2 heats of U/10 boys out the back which is a first! It was great to see all the kids’ skill levels improving, with some very close heats and finals surfed. Congratulations to all competitors for trying their hardest to impress the judges. At the next contest we would like to get more parents involved with the judging, as we only have a handful of judges doing the majority of the work. We will provide plenty of help for those who have not had the chance to judge before, and this will then give better knowledge to parents on how the system works. Don’t be afraid to have a crack at judging, the more help we have the quicker and smoother the contest runs.

I would also like to ask all parent’s to register their kids for the next comp online at if possible. By doing this we are able to have heat’s ready the night before and get the contest running quickly on the day, saving valuable time when the tide is running out. I would like to thank all of the helpers, and there are many, sorry if I miss anyone, but you are appreciated. Paul Trigger, Jon Myers, Bernie Everett and the rest of the judges for their efforts. Meg & Sally for hours spent behind the BBQ. Sarah & Al Bounds for the set up pre comp. Skip, Mel, Harry, Sue, Janine, Pete, Homer, Steve Taylor and all of the kids who stepped up and helped judging and sorting out heats. Please keep an eye online for next contest date.

Keep up the good work Supergroms and we look forward to seeing you next contest.


U10 Boys Inside:

  1. Lucas Hickson
  2. Will Holman
  3. Joel Bell
  4. Huey Holman
  5. Oskar Timmer
  6. Mitchell Lyall

U10 Boys Outback:

  1. Marlon Harrison
  2. Saul Taylor
  3. Jack Potter
  4. Ziggy Strauss
  5. Max Burton
  6. Jake Pancic

U12 Boys

  1. Charlie Lucas
  2. Rip Everett
  3. Ned Smith
  4. Lestyn Knapp
  5. Christian Bell
  6. Jett Dickinson

U14 Boys

  1. James Easton
  2. Luke Frankland
  3. Oscar Van Stekelenburg
  4. Thomas Bell
  5. Otis Hosking
  6. Lachie Macintosh
  7. Cam Myers

U10 Girls Inside

  1. Josie Reichelt
  2. India Lucas
  3. Erica Fallon
  4. Alice Fallon
  5. Belen Coggins
  6. Sarah Hickson
  7. Avah Pancic
  8. Sarsha Panchic

U12 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Abby Lyall
  3. Beth Fallon
  4. Sarah Lark
  5. Tia Holman
  6. Casey Lloyd
  7. Zahra Pancic

U14 Girls

  1. Claudia Whitfort
  2. Annie Buntine
  3. Jay Reichelt
  4. Lilli Strauss
  5. Ruby Stone
  6. Zali Cargill