Supergroms Summer 2012-13 Contest 2 Results

A beautiful warm day greeted us when we arrived at Crunchy Point Sunday morning. A light northerly wind and an inconsistent 1-3’ swell made for good conditions with nice little peelers running across the reef. There were waves out there that all the age groups could have a good crack at and we saw some very close heats particularly the U/14 boys, U14 girls and U10’s. As we progressed the northerly wind started to pickup earlier than expected and started to make for very difficult conditions. We decided to call a halt for safety reasons once that wind got quite strong. Thus the U12 boys, U14 boys and girls finals were put on hold and we hope to run them on one of our future scheduled events. All in all it was a great day, the sun was out, the swell was up and everyone had a surf. What more could you want?

It was great to see everyone stepping up to help run the day. We were fortunate to have the PSC Vice Pres Angus Forrest and Pres Adam Morris running and helping with the judging. Adam and Angus are products of Supergroms and are now two of the top rated surfers in the state, something for our Groms to aspire to. Also from the PSC Sam Wise and Jane Featherstone lent support. I thank all the parents who pitched in, the Strauss’s, Clarke’s, Fallon’s, Lloyd’s (barbecue +) and any I have missed. Also the judges including Paul Triggs who judged through the whole event, water safety (at least you got in the water), Michelle for photos and anyone else I have forgotten. Thanks also to any of the Groms themselves who enthusiastically stepped in when they saw there was a job that needed to be done.

We again had about 70 competitors bringing our total registrations to over 80. Next event is scheduled for 25/11, so keep surfing and watch your emails and the websites for notices.


U10 Boys Inside:

  1. Hugh Holman
  2. Joel Bell
  3. Will Holman
  4. Lucas Hickson
  5. Mitchell Lyall
  6. Oskar Timmer
  7. William Hodgson

U10 Boys Outback:

  1. Ziggy Strauss
  2. Cassidy Short
  3. Harry Hart
  4. Noah Southwel

U12 Boys Finalists

  • Taj Barber
  • Lestyn Knapp
  • Sam De Koning
  • Tom Matthews
  • Chris Bell
  • Ned Smith

U14 Boys Finalists

  • Oscar Stekelenburg
  • Otis Hosking
  • Lochie McIntosh
  • Tom Bell
  • Luke Davies
  • Lex Bounds

U16 Boys

  1. Felix Stone

U10 Girls Inside

  1. Josie Reichelt
  2. Alice Fallon
  3. Ashlie McIntosh
  4. Belen Collins
  5. Erica fallon
  6. Sarsha panic, Sara Hickson
  7. —–
  8. Charli Lloyd


U10 Girls Outside

  1. Keely Clarke

U12 Girls

  1. Brynee Clarke
  2. Sarah Lark
  3. Beth Fallon
  4. Tia Holman
  5. Zahra Pancic
  6. Casey Lloyd

U14 Girls Finalists

  • Amy Veale
  • Lily Strauss
  • Zali Cargill
  • Jay Reichelt
  • Ruby Stone
  • Pearl Baillieu

U16 Girls

  1. Jemma Hart
  2. Saasha Whitworth