Supergroms Summer 2012-13 Contest 1 Results

Well the surf conditions came in right on expectations for our first event this season. Crunchy Point was a glassy 2-3’ with the odd bigger set, turning light onshore for the finals. All the competitors got a real treat catching plenty of waves and not many intruders in the water (curtsey of the water safety mean team). I saw some pretty good surfing from everyone but particularly from the group that are, progressing into PSC cadet and state level comps.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the eager hordes of grommies in my first gig as event director and it took the help of the old hands and new volunteers to pull it together and run the day. Too many to name but I thank you all. We had 67 registrations which is fantastic. Congratulations to all that surfed and most important it’s all about having fun.


U10 Boys Inside:

  1. Lucas Hickson
  2. Cassidy Short
  3. Harry Hart
  4. Brody Cannon

U10 Boys Outback:

  1. Marlon Harrison
  2. Max Burton
  3. Ziggy Strauss
  4. Saul Taylor
  5. Jake Pamson

U12 Boys

  1. Rip Everet
  2. Charlie Lucas
  3. Sam De Koning
  4. Tom Matthews
  5. Chris Bell
  6. Jett Dickinson

U14 Boys

  1. Oscar Stekelenburg
  2. James Easton
  3. Luke Franklin
  4. Nick Ford
  5. Luke Davies
  6. Lex Bounds

U16 Boys

  1. Billy White
  2. Louis McGowan
  3. Chris Hogg

U10 Girls Inside

  1. Josie Reichelt
  2. India Lucas
  3. Erica Fallon, Alice Fallon
  4. Sara Hickson
  5. Charlie Lloyd

U10 Girls Outside

  1. Keely Clarke

U12 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Brynee Clarke
  3. Beth Fallon

U14 Girls

  1. Amy Veale
  2. Lily Strauss
  3. Zali Cargill
  4. Claire Bounds
  5. Claudia Whitfort
  6. Sasha Taylor

U16 Girls

  1. Saasha Whitworth
  2. Alex Wake
  3. Naomi Taylor