Supergroms comp 2 is a GO for Sunday 15th

Forecasts are still showing that we will have swell in the Bay at Crunchy on Sunday. We should get 2-3′ waves with a light W-SW breeze. We have a high tide at 10.30am which is fairly low as high tides go so we need to start sharp at 8.00am in order to fit everything in before the tide drops later in the morning. It is likely that the U15’s will be first up to take advantage of the best part of the tide. Phil Triggs says that the sandbank inside crunchy is really good at the moment which will be great for the younger kids. We hope to run inside and outside at the same time. The exact schedule will be confirmed Sunday morning once we see what is happening.

The meeting point will be our usual Crunchy Point car park Pt Leo. If for any reason we change the location the venue will be up on the chalk board at the entrance booth. So check as you come through.

Anyone coming that has not filled out the membership form please try to do that beforehand and bring the $30 to the beach on Sunday. Forms are posted on the PSC and Trigger Bros websites. Tee shirts will be handed out as well and we have spares if there are any size problems. If you cannot make it then you can pick them up over the holidays at the Trigger Bros Pt. Leo surf shop.

Remember that Pt Leo foreshore parking fees are applicable. It’s Tony the Rangers first year running the place without Ray and he is keen to make budget.

Well I’m excited, Sundays looking good so see you there!