Supergroms 2011-12 Summer Series Presentation

Last Sunday we had the Summer series presentation for Supergroms.

The cool Sunday afternoon was ideal at the PSC clubrooms with skating, enjoying outdoor bonfire, bbq and lots of playing. A fantastic turnout with over 120 people attending.

The Presentation was kicked off in fine style with a talk from out wonderful club president Ryan Chalmers. He was thrilled with the turnout of kids and encouraged them all to keep surfing and improving. Ryan thanked everyone involved.

Next was a fantastic talk from Paul Trigger. Paul talked about trying your best and never giving up and reflected on a story about one of our club champions Garry Taylor. Paul remembered surfing with a very small 11-year-old Garry at Rye. He recalls him being very scared in the bigger surf. Paul remembers encouraging Garry to keep trying and find a place for his fear. Paul talked about fear always being present but getting fit, strong and experienced so you can face the situations that challenge you. Garry is one of the best surfers to come from the Mornington Peninsula. He went on to be in the top 33 in the world for many years and won several pro events. Paul thanked all involved and said he and Phil were very proud to be part of Supergroms.

The aggregate presentations were great. Phil Trigger handcrafted an amazing selection of trophies. Thanks Phil they looked amazing. Aggregate results were formulated from the best 3 results of 4 contests. All top 6-place getters received a prize bag and trophy. Well done to all whom placed in the aggregate. Paul Trigger awarded the trophies and Ryan Chalmers gave out the prize bags. See full results below

We also gave out Encouragement Awards. Prizes for Encouragement awards were kindly donated by Volcom and Joel Reid, which was wonderful. Kids received a choice of hats, socks, backpacks and stickers. Congratulations to all recipients.

A huge Thanks to our amazing sponsors whom readily jumped at the opportunity to support this amazing program. Trigger Brothers for providing IT, Trophies, Photography, Judging, Water safety and prizes. Phil, Paul and Lachy for all your efforts. RACV Cape Shank. Quiksilver and Nigel Muscroft for again supporting our program and providing a huge selection of prizes. Wombat and Ocean and Earth for providing some excellent prizes in the form of leggies and tailpads. Balin for providing legropes for all 4th place getters. Rusty, Dragon, Far King Wax. Joel Reid and Volcom for providing prizes for encouragement award winners and travel bag as a raffle prize. Thanks Bear (aka Adrian Smith for donating Laquer for trophies. Thanks also to Al & Sarah bounds for providing the local timber as bases for the trophies. A huge thanks to Peninsula Surfriders Club to supporting the Supergroms Summer series and encouraging groms to move into PSC contests and other events.

We had a raffle on the day. 2 prizes. First won but Craig Burton a Globe Skateboard and Second prize a Volcom Travel bag won by India & Tash Lucas. Monies raised from this raffle will be donated to The Royal Childrens hospital for kids whom will never be so lucky to surf and have the wonderful life all our Supergroms experience.

Looking forward to the up and coming season. Looking for parents to volunteer in running and co-coordinating the Supergroms program as I, (Mel) will be stepping down. Email if interested in helping out. Congratulations to all our Supergroms on having fun, challenging yourself , being fair competitors’ and doing their best.

Congratulations to all the parents and siblings on helping and being active on contest day.

Keep surfing!

Mel Dart-Harrison


Under 10 Girls Inside

  1. Josie Reichelt
  2. India Lucas
  3. Alice Fallon
  4. Belen Rogers
  5. Erica Fallon
  6. Jade Stewart

Under 10 Boys Inside

  1. Ziggy Strauss
  2. Mitchell Lyall
  3. Tom Fowler
  4. Ben Rippon
  5. Will Holman
  6. Sam Hollands
Under 10 Girls Outback
  1. Keeley Clarke
  2. Casey Lloyd
  3. Tia Holman
Under 10 Boys Outback
  1. Marlon Harrison
  2. Archer Lloyd
  3. Saul Talylor
  4. Max Burton
  5. Darby Hipwell
  6. Lestyn Knapp
Under 12 Girls
  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Sascha Taylor
  3. Brynee Clarke
  4. Jessica Laity
  5. Bath Fallon
  6. Ella De Graf
Under 12 Boys
  1. Ripley Everett
  2. Charlie Lucas
  3. Jett Dickson
  4. Max Vercoe
  5. Hugo Day
  6. Sam De Koning
Under 14 Girls
  1. Sassha-Belle Witworth
  2. Alexandra Wake
  3. Lilly Strauss
  4. Naomi Taylor
  5. Daisy Everett
  6. Annie Buntine
Under 14 Boys
  1. Oscar Van Stekelberg
  2. Reuben Bergner
  3. Lex Bounds
  4. Tristan Collins
  5. Max Hollands
  6. Ned Shannon
Under 16 Girls
  1. Laura Fowler
  2. Kerrie James
  3. Grace Hall
Under 16 Boys
  1. Zane Cargill
  2. Kye Espenchied
  3. Jeremy Frankland
  4. Ethan Smith
  5. Darcy Nigro
  6. Tom Duell
Encouragement Awards
  • Chloe Pollard
  • Casey LLoyd
  • Lachie Hollands
  • Thomas Vercoe
  • Heath Corlass
  • Zali Cargill
  • Erin O’James
  • Cameron Myers
  • Ethan Smith
Appreciation Awards
  • Claire and Skip Easton
  • Sarah and Al Bounds