Stubby Ambassador

Phil Newman has again sent in an article encouraging others to take up riding the Trigger Bros Stubby.


20080514_stubbyNot quite, not a stubby of THAT kind, but an innovation as successful as that popular, compact, easy to handle Aussie icon.
The stubby was developed by Trigger Bros back in 2001, when a need for increased paddling power, stability, and pure fun was required as a bridge between a mini mal and a short board. The stubby produced just that, and a lot more. Ranging from typical 6’6 to 9’, the Stubby caters for all types of surfers from beginners to die hard old blokes who have slowed up – like myself !

The stubby has an uncanny way of accelerating through mushy, weak, choppy surf. It’s drive and looseness comes from having your back foot over the fins and a reasonably wide 14” tail with a little bit more foam than a normal short board. Double concaves allow the board to be extremely loose especially in small weaker surf. In regards to paddling, depending upon your weight and the boards’ size, the stubby provides much more stability and flotation, cutting through the water with ease, relieving those aching shoulders over those long sessions. Typical thicknesses start from 2¾” to 3″ for us guys that have put on a bit over the years.

I first used a stubby back in 2001 after being hassled by Phill telling me this is what you need, you won’t believe the difference in the amount of waves you catch, and how easy it is to paddle. !! At the time I was surfing on a 6’6 retro short board and struggling to catch many waves after a major back injury. Well that first surf at St. Andrews in 2 foot offshore waves was a revelation. I took both boards down to the beach, left my old short board on the sand and said to myself that I’d be back to swap after two waves, as this thing looks too fat and thick. Well after catching 10 good waves in that session I have never surfed a standard short board again ! I rang Phill that night and told him he was right as usual & he replied : “ I told you so “.


I still have that green and yellow stubby ( pictured ). It changed my whole outlook on surfing. I’ve surfed my stubbys from 1’ Honeysuckle to 6’ Bells and they work in all conditions.I’ve had over 7 Stubbys since 2001 and have played around with tail thickness, and nose width, all of which have been a successful adjustment.
I just jumped on my new 6’6 last week and had a fun 2 hour + 1 ½ session at Gunnamatta and came out feeling like a 20 year old.

There comes a time, for some, in your surfing career, when you reach a crossroad, deciding should I give it away, should I go to a Mal , I’m not as fit as I was last year. Well trust me … get down and see Phill, borrow a stubby and your mojo will be back ! There are in excess of 1500 stubbys out there now with some more than happy surfers.
Remember – don’t leave it too long ! Grab a stubby, get out there and crack a wave !

Yours in surfing,

Phill Newman the stubby ambassador