Point Leo Vintage Surf Day 2014: Video, Photos and words.

Sunday the 9th of November saw the second historical Point Leo Vintage Surf Day. With a large crowd expected and over 40 odd exhibitors, the day got off to a cracking start with some beautiful weather accompanied by some magnificent vintage surfboard collections. By 10:30 am the Point area was buzzing with families, surf craft, old mates catching up and plenty of fun and music.The Maladiction and PSC Surf clubs put on the egg and bacon sangas and snags and the coffee machine was doing a roaring trade! We thank them for feeding the enthusiastic hungry crowd!

With displays varying from classic mals and seriously seventies boards, there was more than one person could take in on the day.

We had the Suicide Savages there in force and Gasha, Jacko, Mutton Bird and the boys put on a great show filling us in on what went on in those pioneering days at The Point! The truth will come out to what those guys really got up to “one day”!

Phil Trigger interviewed local and European based legend Phil Grace “The Mexican”, and surfing identity “Tidal Wave” Ted Bainbridge who Phil named way back in the early days on the Peninsula. Ted filled us in how the Peninsula, its surfers and surf spots have made it what it is today- a beautiful coast with some great characters and a more than colourful history.

The Trigger Brothers had a very interactive stand showcasing the history of their boards, their partners and milestones over the past 50 years or more. The evolution of the Trigger trackies was a real eye-opener, seeing how a great Australian-made, quality product can stand the test of time and combat the cheap imports that are destroying the industry! Phil and Paul were there with discussing the old days and some of the early boards from that Chelsea era. Hannah Trigger’s Olympic snow board gear was on display which drew much attention during the day. Well done Hannah, tremendous effort!

Darren Burford made the effort to come down from Queensland which was most appreciated by Phil and Paul. Don was unable to make it but the boys put together a stand showcasing the Burford history from those early days in South Australia to where they are now, up on the Gold Coast. The Burford Blank is a quality product used by Trigger Brothers and other major shapers throughout Australia and around the world!

Ripcurl historian and West Coast legend Bob Smith was kind enough to travel over and set up a wonderful display of Bells memorabilia, which included one of the actual Bells ‘bells’, among other classic Bells contest gems.

Geoff Vockler had an amazing collection of Gerry Lopez Hawaiian guns along with some classic shortboards and his pride and joy, his ‘67 Valiant, making him one of the premier stands on the day.

Chris Cornell once again had a vividly coloured array of his signature red panelled twinnies and now more modern quad fins . Chris filled us in on the evolution of his shaping journey dating back to his early days in Victoria to those fun days on the Gold Coast. Always one for a story, Chris didn’t disappoint with some great tales and a wonderful interview later that day.

Dr. Surf from 3RRR was there and was kind enough to conduct an interview with Bobby Smith which you will see once we compile the video of the day. Dr. Surf can be heard monthly on 3RRR on Sunday mornings from 9am-10am during the ‘Radio Marinara’ show. Make sure you tune in- it’s about all things to do with the ocean, the coast and of course- the surf.

The Disabled Surfers Association were there in numbers and managed to raise some important funds for a worthy cause. Thanks to John and Rod for all their hard work, and to Trigger Brothers for their help organizing the t-shirts which assisted in being a very successful day.

There were some great stands with Choc and the Oke boys setting up their marquee and cooking up a storm with snags which drew plenty to his fine array of boards.

Next door one of Victoria and Australia’s closet collectors Johnny displayed some really unique boards and particularly a 1964 womens longboard trophy presented around the Midget Farrelly era. John also had a Point Leo Suicide Surfboard with a logo showing a barreling left hander line up which made it quite a rare piece.

Jon Jolly parked himself under the Shady Hollow and displayed some of his classic boards from the early days at Point Leo. John, once a celebrity surf reporter and expert glassman, now spends his days surfing the rock and surrounding quality waves. The reef riders were adjacent to John and displayed and shared many moments from those days at the reef!

Cameo appearances were made by Eastcoast legends Mick Pierce, Ted “Tidal Wave” Bainbridge and Indigenous correspondent and original Bells judge Peter Wilkinson- who found enjoyment in finding a classic old immaculate black kneeboard he had shaped back in the early ‘80s.

‘70s surf photographer and local Island lad Simon Chipper jetted in with a great collection, especially his turbo board from up north which he gave us a quick history of during a brief interview. Simon was also was responsible for many photos during the memorable 70s surfabout battled out by Wayne Lynch and Larry Blair. Fortunately a well known collector had the original program from that classic on the day which enabled Simon to view his handy work from the old days.

Ronnie Lee had some beautiful pieces as well as his massive Yank Tank convertible. Sam McCorrist had a classic Peterson board on display with Chris Hayes alongside him with a unique collection of skateboards and classic single fins and twinnies.

Steve Ellis covered the surf music department with Vinyl LPs of the Atlantics, The Joy Boys, Crystal Voyager, The Stones and many other 12-inch classics.

Ian lordings stand was a real combination of well-preserved classic surf memorabilia, with his beautifully restored HG panel van with a finely tuned 186 motor under the bonnet highlighting his collection. Ian also had a vivid red Pat Morgan gun and a very rare Pyke spoon that was in immaculate condition- one any serious collector would love to get there hands on.

Darren Lacey, Mark Mead, Wayne Poulton, Mal Stafford, Kurt Lane, Jason Ireland, Steve Friedman and Rob Frances graced us with some lovely mals, single fins, MR twinnies and wonderful skateboards- all from an era that we can never forget and we thank them for making the effort on the day.

George Rice- a great supporter of this wonderful day turned up again- and was busy doing interviews and signing many of his legendary boards. George never seems to age. His brand and name is synonymous in the surfing community and will continue to be for many years to come.

Tree to Sea were there with some wonderful examples of wooden surfboards and Gary and Rob demonstrated how they construct these works of art. Great to see something home grown coming from our local surf community!

Our local support groups were there with the Save Western Port stand and the Hooded Plover Conservation Group making people aware of what threats there are to this unique coastal bird.

Thanks to the Kombi Cub whose cavalcade of VW masterpieces lit up the morning as they streamed into the car park. Simon Trigger showcased a couple of beauties with his ‘57 Chev Pickup and his ‘67 RS/SS Comaro classics at their best.

Joe Briglia bought out his ‘38 Chev with a couple of old logs on top it really looked the part! There was also a Ford model T kicking around and a beautiful Karmann Ghia owned by Pete Baker. But the one that shone out was the black and red split-screened Kombi, which caught everybody’s eye!

Special thanks must go to Phil Trigger and Tony Walkington from the Point Leo foreshore who were instrumental in making this day come together. Also Tony Reid, Dazz for all his filming, Andy, Dave, Tony Trigger- who made his way down from Queensland, and Hannah, Greg and Darren- who arrived at 6.30am to help me direct traffic and make up the signage! Your help was most appreciated and one of the reasons the day was such a success. To all exhibitors, Mark and Al at the Point Leo General Store and Tina at the kiosk who kept us all fed and caffinated! I thank you for supporting us on what was a very enjoyable day. If I’ve missed anyone I apologise.

Thanks to all.

phil-newman-iconSee you in a couple of years!
Phil Newman TSA.

Some additional images can be viewed on the Google Plus Event Page