Phils Ramlings Gold Coast June 2011


As we flew in you could see the swell lines rapping into the points. Got off the plane and an hour latter was out at 3-5ft Snapper some of the waves were breaking all the way through to Coolangatta, there were a lot of guys off the Point, so I drifted down to Rainbow which had half the number of guys. Managed to get a couple of over head height waves all the way through. Then got carried away with my ability, took off just a little late went over the falls got pinned to bottom and sand blasted from head to toe. The north sweep inside the break was unbelievably strong but once you cleared the break it was a gentle drift back towards the Point. The next wave I paddle for was 5ft top to bottom luckily I pulled out just in time and survived , it hit the bank so hard that after it broke a 1ft wave of white water push back out to sea . I had a couple more waves and then quit while I was ahead.

The swell dropped over the next few days but even at knee to waist height it’s still a good long ride .Paul was supposed to come up on the Wednesday but had to reschedule until the following week .The front page of the local paper and my pictures show how unlucky you can be ,one of the best swells they had seen in a long time. Currumbin was also as good as it gets. I took a couple shots when it got a bit smaller and it still looked pretty good. Although a week later when he did come we hit Lennox at 6.30am and had really good surf it was a solid 6ft and about 12 out. We surfed Snapper latter that morning up to 5ft with around 30 guys, the wind was into it a little but it was still pretty good and probably twice as long as Lennox. As we left Coolangatta there were 3 guys out in what looked like perfect 3-5ft waves peeling from in front of the club house towards the groin. Kirra was much the same and both were a lot more protected from the wind. If you look at the shot of the groin you can see it’s starting to look a lot better, also the shot of Kirra beach shows just how much the beach has been reduced.

Over the month there were continual reports of the best banks and unbelievable waves at Burleigh Currumbin, Lennox, Broken Head and Cabarita, for some reason the ocean had decided to make perfect banks on ever point break in the northern N.S.W. and the Gold Coast. As we flew out over Cabarita there was a 5 wave set peeling perfectly off the Point, the best I’ve ever seen it, the sort of thing dreams are made of, but I was leaving.

After 15 years at Coolangatta the Winter Sun festival moved to Port Macquarie, so the locals put on The Coolie Rocks Festival instead, they had over 1000 old cars and 10’s of 1000’s of visitors turn up. My first car was an FJ so I took some pictures of them, it‘s amazing how much time they put into their cars and how good they look.

V who runs our Point Leo store when she not surfing, lives at Balnarring, her mum is now spending a lot more time down the coast and when she goes to the beach she leaves more than the odd foot print, the only problem it only lasts until the next high tide. If you are not lucky enough to catch it the pictures might help.

Mission Impossible Mornington Centro.

June 30 was move out day at Centro and move into 65 Main St, it had been 10yr since we relocated from 104 Main St, but due to a massive rent increase it was time. So we decided to take on the job. The new shop had some racks we could leave but a lot we decided to recycle from the old shop. Simon, Mark Harrison and his apprentice Ryan started the necessary changes while Rob did the alarms and Ash did the electrical work. Hannah, Kate, Matt, and the Mornington staff all started packing the stock and moving to the new location, then the racks and counters were put onto low trellis and then pushed up the road to their new home, every one put in huge effort finishing at 12.30am. We started the next day demolishing the unwanted racks, change rooms and heaps of shelving; the shop had to be stripped back to a bare shell. Luckily Geoff helped us out over the next couple of days. We had to take the rubbish out after the centre closed which meant we had a couple of late nights. The first one I got home at Leo at, only to have to go straight back because I’d forgotten to give the keys back to the night security. The second I had just got onto the freeway and the car died, Simon should have been just me behind me but after half an hour Geoff just happened to be going past he called Simon and we left the car. The next day we put another battery in it and drove to an auto electrician, the alternator had to be replaced.

We cleaned everything out and thought we’d finished and somebody said the sign above the front door had to go. A call went through to the ever reliable Harry, who was offered the opportunity to participate in a desperate, dangerous and maybe just a little illegal mission, he turned up 15min later. As expected it was massive and it took the 4 of us over an hour to get it down. The next day we were hit by an unexpected surprise we were told all the walls had to repaired and painted. Our new best friend Joe the plasterer left his job and helped us out. An airless spray gun and lots of paint was what we needed for this job, everything was ready to go when a new Centro person on their first day at Mornington decided to drop in. Looking at the spray equipment she informed us last time somebody used one of these in a shopping centre the paint fumes went through the aircon system and the place had to be evacuated, we suggested sealing the vents and it was water base paint, but she wasn’t interested. 4 hours later we’d rolled all the walls and passed our final inspection and were out of there.


This was one our great accomplishments and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our mates.