Phils Ramblings Gold Coast June 16

Well another 4 weeks and surf from waist high Cabarita to who knows how big at Snapper. It was reported to be 16m on some buoy off the coast, so there were 2 days I, along with the the other 99% of surfers decided it wouldn’t be worth it. Of course Piper and Marlin Harrison were in the other 1%.

Melissa took a couple of shots of them playing in the foam of which there was lots, from Froggies to Kirra. At the height of the tide white water was rolling into the car park at Kirra.

There are 2 pictures of Froggies Beach and Snapper Point. The first has a guy taking pictures of the white water, the second is him gone, he got washed off his feet and ended up among the boulders, he was probably too close. Marlin and Piper dwarfed by a wall of white water.

During a massive swell in the 90’s we left our car in the Kirra car park which was being continuously covered with spray coming off the rock retaining wall. On the news that night they had film of a car with ½m boulder resting on it’s bonnet.

During the middle of the storm of this century I was safe and sound watching an AFL match when the phone rang, it was Harry, he said look out the front, I could just make them out, he and Mel had ridden down from Snapper and they wanted to know if I was going on my afternoon ride. Boardies and a rashie were the go as the normal dry 10km return ride to Snapper was under water sometimes up to 300ml deep, it was the best ride I’ve had. We had 353ml in the 24hr period on that Saturday.

Coolie Rocks was on again 1300 cars and as usual there’s always a couple of different VW Kombi’s to check out. The FJ four door ute was for sale, asking price $40,000.

See you in the surf