Phils Ramblings: Australian Shortboard Titles 2004

Thursday 14th October we left Point Leo at 4-45am and arrived at Marion Bay 12 hours later. Big storm conditions 20-30 knot wind on shore.

Marion Bay is on the edge of the Innes National Park which is much the same as Wilsons Prom, very isolated.

Friday 15th Spoke to a guy who had surfed salmon Hole onshore the day before. Headed that way with map provided by surfing SA with 13 different local spots. On shore some protected spots but big shifty peaks. We went along the coast to Corny Point but didn’t see anything really worth surfing or anybody to surf with. We ended up at the largest town of York to stock up on supplies and met up with the X Shore team Clyde, Jo and daughters Ebony and Cass. We all drove back and surfed China’s clean 4-6ft very sucky Meanos type take off but longer ride. Had a couple of good waves. A really good free fall wipe out round and down onto the bottom came pretty good. Did 300k on the return to Marion Bay.

Saturday 16th Drove with Clyde and the crew back to Daly Point and ended up surfing Salmon Hole 2-4ft Angourie Point rock wave with a total of 7 out. The 4 guys who were already out thought it was crowded. They had made the 3hr trip from Adelaide regularly on the weekend. Great manoeuvre wave out the back with very quick hollow suck rock section near the end. Only 2 of us left out after 2 hours. Another guy paddled out when I paddled in. I had heaps of really good waves.

Sunday 17th Surfed South Cape with Mark Harrison, Gunna Type Beachies 2-4ft 6am before the contest. I didn’t have to surf so I returned at 4pm and had some good waves but not a consistent take off point

Monday 18th Surfed with Mark again. A touch smaller same again shifty but a definite bank. 1st heat I got a freaky peak which went for miles and ended on the sand. Won the heat straight into to semi’s.

Surfed Ethel wreck which is 100 year old steel hull still on the sand at the base of a 30metre cliff. There was a good little right hander at the end of the beach 1-2ft fast sucky ends up in a rip at the edge of the cliff.

Tuesday 19th 6am back to the cape terrible rippy cross off shore 2ft. Just a couple of reasonable turns after 1½ hours. Unfortunately Marks warm up surf did not help. He could not find a wave to do a decent turn and was eliminated.

Wednesday 20th 6am swell picks up 2-4ft with the occasional bigger set. Again a definite bank but shifty take off point. A lot too quick too make but some good ones. Luckily I don’t have to compete until tomorrow. Drove to Daly Head Salmon hole offshore 1 wave every 20mins consistent 4-5ft fullish waves 200m away at the rock pools but only getting worse as the tide was filling up. Surfed reef beach break a further 200m down the beach 2-4ft good fun little right.

Thursday 21st Onshore 20kts at most spots. Contest starts at Chinamen’s with occasional 4ft sets very inconsistent and very shallow. Lots of close encounters with the reef which on the Lower tide juts out of the water in a hook type formation. The contest was called off after 10 heats. We went out for an hour or so just to get used to the break had a couple of sucky little left and didn’t do to much damage.

Friday 22nd Contest site Pondalowie Bay 3-5ft off shore like 1st reef but not the shore break mostly lefts with the odd right. My semi was the first in the water. As in previous heats every thing fell into place. I caught the first wave on the siren and rode it all the way to the beach. My 6’6” Stubby was going unreal. I ended up winning by a fair margin.

There ended up to be 5 Victorians in the finals.