MR Surfboards now available

It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world of surfing, the MR shield emblazoned across the deck of a colorful 70’s twin fin.

Mark Richards dominated pro surfing winning 4 world titles in ’79, ’80, 81′ and ’82 on his own shapes. These original designs have been recreated with an amazing level of craftsmanship.

Paul and I caught up with Mark Richards at the Quiksilver Board Riding store opening in February. It wasn’t until later that I thought how good would it be to get some of his retro twinnies and Hawaiian Guns for stock. Lucky I met him again at Burford Blanks in Currumbin a couple of days later and put in an order.

Mark shapes them and Maddog in Byron Bay do the glassing.

It’s taken 4 months to get them finished and back to Burfords ready to be shipped back to us in Melbourne. They look absolutely fantastic, almost too go to ride.

You should be able to check them out in our Frankston store.


This is the very first MR twin fin, and is the same shape as the board I rode in the classic movie Free Ride. This board is designed to be ridden and does not feature the hand-made fins and intricate spray of the Free Ride Collectors Edition.

The 1978 Retro Twin Fin started the multi-fin revolution and completely changed our perception of high-performance surfing. I won the Stubbies and Bells events on this board which set me on a track to win 4 World Titles. – MR


This is my interpretation of the 1976 Reno Abellira magenta and yellow gun which is shown in the movie Bustin Down the Door, and on which I had great competitive success. The original board was 7’8″, 19″ wide, and 2 7/8″ thick. The outline is classic single fin with a full nose, wide point above centre, and a drawn in tail to give it holding power in big surf. – MR

Darren Burford is in the picture with Mark and myself.

See you in the surf.
Phil Trigger