Dr.Surf has left the Air Waves.

Dr Surf has left the building, after 12 years of presenting a very successful segment on 3RRRs Radio Marinara program, Rod Jones AKA Dr Surf has decided to hang up the microphone. Rod who holds a Ph.D in Plant Physiology took to the airways 12 years ago to do a small segment on music from surf movies. Like many first gigs it didn’t go too well with the highlight being music from Morning of the Earth and Crystal Voyager to name a few. But a month later Bron had him back again this time giving us a surf update and what else was happening on the local surf and coastal scene.

As the months and years rolled on the Dr was able, through his contacts throughout the surfing media fraternity, to conduct some memorable interviews with surfing royalty. His most memorable were Wayne Lynch (Uncharted Waters), Tim Winton (Breath), Bill Finnegan (Barbarian Days), Layne Beachley , Mark Richards and Mick Sowry (The Reef). His worst being Bob MacTavish who didn’t front as the surf was pumping at Lennox!!

Having airtime on such a popular show Rod was able to showcase some wonderful surfing literature hooking up with Andrew Kidman, maker of Litmus and Glass Love, Andrew Crockett, publisher of that classic trilogy Switchfoot, and this weekend’s special guest Barrie Sutherland, one of the authors of the newly released book “Surfing in the 60’s”, of which myself and Rod were fortunate enough to attend the launch of in Torquay last week.

Dr Surf was a true Surf Ambassador and still is for the Disabled Surfers Association, a great cause that allows people with a disability to live the dream and experience the fun of surfing. He
continually promoted local peninsula causes and other charity driven events. He got behind our local Vintage Surf days, broadcasting live from the 2014 event, and was on board supporting our local coastal parks and environment.

I was fortunate enough to spend the last two years conducting local Peninsula and coastal surfing updates which grew into the Phillip Island and West coast updates, all initiated by Rod.

This weekend Sunday the 18th 9.00am brings an end to 12 years of voluntary fun times as Dr Surf leaves the building for the last time and as he quoted me this evening: “MY AIM NOW IS TO NEVER TRAVEL NORTH OF FRANKSTON , SO DRIVING TO BRUNSWICK AT 7AM ON A SUNDAY MORNING FOR THE 126th TIME WILL BE MY LAST !

More time to chill out and go surfing and fulfill my dream when I was 14 of working in a surf shop and hanging out with my mates!

The Dr sends his regards to all his listeners and fellow workers at 3RRR. Next time you’ll see him he’ll be on that mal of his out at one of his favourite Westernport points, trying not to drop in too much .

Yours in surfing Phil Newman T.S.A