Demo Surfboards at Pt.Leo Trigger Bros

We have lots of demo surfboards for those of you looking to purchase a new board for summer and don’t really know what you want.

So if it’s just wanting to test the literage of a board for paddle power or see how much smaller you could go in your favourite model, here’s our current pool of demo models to choose from.

8’10” Hotdog Stubby
7’10” Hotdog Stubby

7’6” Stubby x 2
6’10” Stubby
6’8” Stubby

6’6” Fusion Stubby
6’4” Fusion Stubby
5’10 Fusion Stubby

6’10” Equalizer
6’6” Equalizer
6’3” Equalizer

7’3” Hydro
6’6” Hydro
6’4” Hydro
6’2” Hydro
5’10” Hydro

6’2” LumberJack

6’2” Boss

6’6” Like a Boss (LAB)

6’2” Cyberpad
6’10” Cyberpad

Drivers Licence and Credit Card are required. A rental fee may apply. Rental fees are refunded from any board purchase.