Phils Ramblings Port Macquarie

The Long and Short Board National Tittles are being held in August at Port Macquarie, straight after each other for the next 3 years. I was lucky enough to make both the O/55 Longboard and O/50 Shortboard teams. Lennox seemed like an ideal spot to get in some pre-contest practise so we flew to the Gold Coast and spent the week there.

The swell was only 1ft on the first couple of days but on Tuesday it picked up to 2-3ft. There was only one guy out at first light. We surfed by ourselves for an hour then he went in, 1/2 an hour later Mark who runs a coffee shop in Rye joined me, another hour passed and 5 guys paddled out, so I went in. 2 hours later there were 30 out.

Wed was 3-4ft, Thurs 4-6ft, Frid & Sat 6-8ft. Thurs arvo I surfed Snapper at 2-3ft, it was a southerly swell and wasn’t getting in, Byron was the same on Friday, only 2-3ft.

The 1st lot of Pictures were taken on the Friday, the others are at Port Macquarie where again the swell was from the south, up to 6-8ft at Town beach breaking from the point into the river mouth. Last year the swell was comming in from east and we surfed the same beach but totally different. The last couple of days of the long boards were held at North Haven in very windy conditions.

Sam Dunton placed 3rd in the open, 2nd was current World Champ Harley, 1st another World Champ Josh Constable, an unbelivable result for Sam. Tas Dunton got 3rd in the juniors.

The swell picked up 6-8ft for the 1st couple of days of the short boarders which again was at Town Beach, it gradually dropped over the week to 1-2ft for the finals. The last few shots are of Town Beach which sometimes looked almost like Snapper. I went to Cresent on one of the biggest days, the south side of the head land was out control 8-10ft, the swell was pushing past the other side and was unridable. Finally I ended up surfing 2ft flat waves in front of the club house. It is amazing how all these breaks change with the swell direction. All the results can be checked out on the Surfing Australia web site here.