Phils Ramblings Superbank 08

The Superbank is Back

After the Quiksilver Pro was over the word was the sand pump was only cranked up for the contest and even then it was about 15% of what it was. The only good spot was off Snapper with a little section round Greenmount.

When I returned in May I couldn’t believe it, the most perfect line of sand running from behind Snapper as far as you could see down towards Kirra, all the rocks were covered and as you can see by the pictures the pump was still going. In March the little Marlie rocks were 4ft out of the sand, now the tips are just showing. It would be almost 300m back to where you take off at Snapper, who knows how long the rest of the ride is, but it’s a long walk back. The bank only works properly at 3ft plus, the smaller waves just shut down, although you can still get good little 1ft waves off the inside of Snapper.

The newspaper cutting (see below) doesn’t look too good for the future, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s now getting onto the end of June and there’s been two big swells, it’s like the sand on the beach has just been sucked out leaving the bank as it was except for the first 50m from behind the Snapper Rocks where its now deep water. You can see by the pictures just how much has gone. The high tide mark is moving in along Greenmount Point, it’s at least 2/3rd way down and 1/3rd down Kirra Point, so both the bays are starting to form again. Only time will tell whether the banks will form down along from the ends of the Points or stay straight across the tops as they are now.

For all the petrol heads I’ve taken a few shots some of the 1400 old cars that come to Coolangatta for the annual Winter Sun Festival on the Queens Birthday weekend. All the pictures are in order from late May to late June.

See you in the surf