Trigger Bros Team Movie Aftermath

The Premiere was on Friday night and for those that made it down I don’t need to remind you of how amazing it was.

Our Prahran venue was packed with 250 plus kids, fathers and sons and anyone else who loves to snowboard by 7:30pm. They looked at artwork from Cast, Nathan Gamble, Mark Baker and photography from Kickback and Dan Himbretchs whilst eagerly awaiting the movie. When the film did arrive (from Pop Magazine HQ) we dove straight into the Premiere. Put together by the Team Riders themselves, collecting footage over the last Aussie Summer while riding in Japan, USA, Russia and more, I cannot tell you how well received it was. The place cheered throughout the entire movie and it was great to see the talents of our team on the big screen.

The premiere moved to a nearby bar and continued well into the night.

Update: Search online and you will find a few of the riders section available to watch.