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Back in the warm water 22° and it doesn’t seem to get much lower than 20°.

There was no sand at Snapper and the waves weren’t even breaking but good 4-5ft waves at Rainbow through to Coolie beach for the first week. The second week it was the beach breaks Kingscliff way. Cabretta beach had also lost all it’s sand, just rocks now, but lots of banks to the north.

Last time we were up in Feb cyclone Marsia was up the coast and there was swell 5′ to 8′ for 18 days straight. Paul, Cocky and Simon T arrive on the last day of the swell and then it was 1′ to 2′ for almost a week. As the picture shows it’s continuous, it only varies in height.

The extremes of Surf

200+ crowd at Snapper…

Good day at Snapper…

Angourie: 4 of us out beat the crowd when these guys turned up.

Cabarita: Air temp 8° + water temp 20° = steam

We all went to the opening of the new Quiksilver Board store in the centre of Coolangatta, they have 300+ boards in stock plus 50 old and new ones that rotate round the ceiing, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re on the coast. We met up with Mark Richards at a couple of functions and decided to order some of his retro boards.They are available to view at our Frankston store.

June is Coolie Rocks time, it goes for a week and this year they had over 1300 old cars and a vintage caravan section at Kirra. The place was absolutely packed for the long weekend and the cars were amazing, they have a night time drive around the town which sounds incredible.

During the 2nd and 3rd weeks I managed to get 2 trips down to Angourie, it’s a 2.5 hr drive down so I rely on a 6am call from cousin Tony just to make sure its on. Both times it was 4′ -6′ and only 4 of us out the first time and about 10 the second, like the Gold Coast coast the work crew does the intense dawn shift and then there is a quiet period.

Back on the Gold Coast the sand pumping jetty had been working overtime and the sand was back at Snapper. The swell picked up to around 4′. To see these guys tube riding from deep inside behind the rock is incredible, it’s worth just checking them out from the rocks . After 3 good days at Snapper, Rainbow and Greenmount, I normally surf down the bank and end up at Coolangatta after a couple of hours. The next 2 days in a row the wind had changed to the NW so I moved to Burleigh and again had 2 really good surfs up to 5′ with hardly any crew out. It gets about a 1/4 of the crowd.

The last week I’ve surfed Snapper messy but every now and then you’d fluke a good one that made it worthwhile.

Winters over and I think it was the best surf in the Bay we have ever had, I can’t remember surfing Pines over head height so many times often with hardly anyone out.

The Hawks have won another grand final and with the help of our manufacturing team at Point Leo we made 18 AFL boards as a fund raiser for the Disadled Surfing Association. Hamish Mclaughlin and lots of our friends helped to get them signed and they raised $13,500, a massive $2000 for the Hawks premiership team board.

Here’s a story Phil Newman sent through in relation to the Auction…

Only a matter of weeks ago Dave Seymour had his eye on the Geelong surfboard made for the Auction.
Unfortunately Dave returned home one night and didn’t feel 100 percent, luckily his wife Louise a nurse was quick to react and Dave was rushed to hospital after suffering an aneurysm.

After having extensive brain surgery Dave is lucky to be with us today and recovering quite well. During his time in hospital his business partner Laurie bid on the Geelong board but just missed out.

Laurie contacted me straight after the auction and asked if Phil could make up another board in Geelong colours with the classic single fin shape and the iconic 70s Trigger Bros sticker on the board.
Phil as usual always obliging set to work and made the board up in three days !!! as you can see by the pics Dave is as happy as a Tom Hawkins kicking a ton!

Many thanks go out to Phil and Paul for making the board happen and making a passionate Cats supporter a very happy man. Dave indicated the board will sit proudly on his wall at home
and sends his many thanks to the BROTHERS TRIGGER for what will be a talking piece over many years to come. GO CATS!



As well as closing Mornington and our Prahran stores I’ve been restoring a few old boards, Ranger Tony’s Shady Hollow and several others.

The best one is the 9’6″ triple stringer Young made in High St StKilda in the mid 60’s. It’s the most incredible coincidence because 4 weeks ago I had a call from a mate of my elder brother Peter who was in the airforce with Pete in the mid 60’s. Will wanted to give us his old triple stringer. Within half an hour of his call a couple came into the shop.The women said her father had made our first board. I showed her the picture on the tide chart where I was holding Pete’s brand new Young board, I think I surfed it more than him! The restored board is a 70th birthday surprise it had been gone for 20 years and found by a relative under a friends house. Paul will follow this up in the near future.

The restored 9’6″ Triple Stringer Young.


Restored boards

The Kombi chase continues….