Phils Ramblings – Gold Coast June 2014

Well it’s been a while since my last update and I’m back on the Gold Coast.

There’s been lots of changes at Leo, Phill Newman has taken over Saturdays. He is a surfboard collector, board designer, super sales person and one of our original surfing buddies.

Vashti or Vee has just left to have her 2nd baby girl. She has set the record for the best allround worker we’ve ever had. Vee polished boards, repaired covers, boards and wetsuits, helped in the manufacturing our boards, and never stopped in the shop. Tom has also left to do a drafting course. Andy is the new 5 day a week person and also likes getting involved in the manufacturing process.

As I said I’m on the Gold Coast and Simon has installed the new Kirra camera. Last time he was up for camera maintenance, he arrived on the Tuesday, fixed the camera, and spent the rest of the day surfing 4′ Snapper.

Wednesday morning we surfed the meat works north of Byron with my cousin Tony and our QLD surfing buddy Geoff, then back to Snapper.

Thursday morning 5.30 start arrived at Angourie at 8am just as the early shift was leaving, Tony and Geoff were just paddling in, so we ended up with only 4 out in good 6′ waves. Surfed for 2 hours then drove straight back.

Friday surfed 2′-4′ Lennox, Sat morning 2′-4′ Burliegh, some good fun fast peeling waves. This time Simon has come to look at the Cooly Rocks car show and we’ve surfed Lennox, Snapper, sand pumping jetty south of the Tweed and couple days in a row meet up with Paul and Cocky at North wall Ballina. Simon flew home Sat afternoon after surfing all the best breaks on the coast in 5 days.

The Pictures are of Burliegh after Simon went home, it was good for 4 days straight with hardly anybody out. Check the sand in the cove.