Way Back When with Triggs | Ep 18 Cyrils

Over the past few decades Trigger Brothers has accumulated a large collection of old school photo’s of Paul, Phil and friends from back when it all began! So we decided it’s time we get Paul to write up a short story about some of these classic moments in time… from local sessions and state titles to random road trips across the country.
Trigger Bros.

Cyrils[gap height=”10″]

This shot was taken by Peter Wilkinson after a winter session in the cold harsh environment of Flinders (1978-79). The huge cliffs offer great protection in the strong offshore winds making waves like Cyril’s very surfable when most other spots are blown out. There has always been plenty of driftwood washed in to build a fire and perhaps because our wetsuits by todays standards were pretty average( I’m wearing a vest over my steamer) this was a regular occurrence.[gap height=”10″]

Ian Cochrane is in frame with Matt (Ando) Anderson, Triggs and Pete’s super dog Jep. If there was a doggie Olympics he would have won Gold.

Matt was a good solid surfer, plasterer by trade and since those early days has spent most of his adulthood living, raising a family and surfing the waves of Phillip Island. In 2001 I was lucky enough to share a trip to the Australian Masters Titles held at Rottnest Island in W.A. with him and fellow islanders Johnny Mason and Oggy. Andos amp and motivation saw the team bring home a few big Titles. It was just extraordinary how he took over as coach and his energy carried us thru a week of competitive surfing.

After almost 30 years away from surfing Cocky is back at Cyril’s and every other spot that fires up on the Peninsula. At 12 years of age he was a precocious talent who just kept getting better and better. By 18 he lit up every spot he surfed at with talent to burn, but by 25 the Candle had burned out long before the legend ever did. The ride at Cyrils is fast, exciting and over the suck rock a wee bit dangerous. Cocky recalls being KO’d and luckily coming too floating on his back, I’ve broken a few ribs on the rock and l can attest that hundreds of boards and bodies have been destroyed on that shoreline. We might not have a ding repair business if it wasn’t for the Flinders stretch of coast.

Even before a sperm whale was washed ashore recently these waters have always been kinda spooky. A small group including Mick Pierce, Joe Briglio and son had a very close encounter with a 4 metre white pointer at the nearby Big Left(Joes). Mick told me the long paddle back to shore was covered in record time, but not before he’d fallen off in a rare nervous moment. This must be a pretty old shot !! We all had hair back then.

If you have a good Flinders yarn, leave a comment.