Trigger Bros End of Season BBQ 2012

Sunday 14th October saw the return of the Annual Trigger BBQ at Mt Buller after an unfortunate series of bad weather weekends cancelled the event post season in 2011. After an impressive amount of snowfall through spring and a wild weather week leading up to the event, the skies remained crystal clear with hardly a breath of wind all day. Only once in this events ten year history has there been this much snow to play with.

After a 5:30 am departure to avoid being trapped in Melbourne by the marathon, it was a tad unnerving to be driving through thick fog all the way to Mansfield. As much as you want to trust a forecast, there is always a certain level of doubt that lingers on your mind. However, after picking up beer, meat, and bread in Mansfield, all my concerns were cleared away with the fog. Nothing but clear blue skies as far the eye could see.

As the season had only ended the previous weekend, there was still plenty of snow on the ground, and thanks to our friends in the terrain park, the jibs had not yet been locked away for summer. Believe it or not, with a little bit of a hike, full runs of skyline were possible. After only a little bit of digging and some heavy lifting we were able to put together a run with 3 jib options and to 3 jump options, not likely to ever see an X-Games final run on, but more than enough to have some fun whilst snowboarding in shorts.

By the time the BBQ was cooked, there was already a few burnt noses courtesy of the 15 degree heat, but nothing a cold beer and sausage couldn’t fix. The session went well into the afternoon and ensured we were all a little drowsy on Monday morning.

All in all, a super fun and free day of snowboarding is a hard thing to pass up, so we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Big thanks to Shane Carter and Burton Australia for the tent and the photos. Thanks to Andrew Mazzocato for the video edit.