Out with the Old and in with the New

An opportunity to replicate an original early 70’s Burford single fin came our way recently, when “Pintail Pete” arrived at the door of our Pt. Leo store with his old beaten up board that he for sentimental reasons, sought a resurrection of. Believe me, it was to be a job of biblical proportions. The only problem with his project was the major deteriation of the core making it unfeasible to be glassed.

Instead it was decided to start completely from scratch. The first step was to identify the exact blank that had been used, and luckily Burford were able to supply not only the right slab of foam (this is by far the best and most accurate way to establish the correct rocker and foam distribution from nose to tail), and after many hours of trying to re-create the original logo, it turned out that Don amazingly still had the same decals that were glassed on the board in his Burford factory in South Australia before they headed up to Currumbin.

A trip in the time machine to 70-71 when Phil and I shaped, glassed, sanded and polished six to ten surfboards a week between the two of us was the ideal recipe for this replication. We had a shape to copy and a few moments captured on Kodak to help in the glassing process. Pete was rapt with the finished product and so was everyone in our factory.


Original Board and the replica

The completed replica surfboard.