RIP Tim Crozier

Much loved Peninsula surfer Tim Crozier sadly passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday the 26th of June, 2012. Surfing down at the Heads, one of his treasured spots, with a handful of his regular mates he suffered a heart attack and couldn’t be revived. He was just 47 years old and had been one of the top local surfers and an extremely popular shaper for over 30 years.


Tim, whether in the water or on the land had a unique ability to make one and all feel welcome. At around 6’4″ tall he was amazingly flexible with the ability to lower his centre of gravity, and as Jeff Coker a similar sized giant from Portsea recalled, “he surfed with the agility and weightlessness of a cat”. It’s not too often that you see such a big guy boosting airs, he had lots of tricks, an ultra smooth style and always gave off a warm vibe when you were lucky enough to share a few waves at one of his favorite spots.

The Peninsula Boardriders Club hosted a wake for Tim on Saturday. Cars were parked up the Gunnamatta road for half a kilometre in either direction and there were hundreds in attendance. Not just surfers but also women, kids and families all wanting to pay their respect, share a tear and celebrate his life.

Tim's Wake


One of his best mates and employer, Bean from Balin surfboards did a wonderful job in organizing the afternoons proceedings, relaying some history and recalling a few special Tim Crozier moments. Ammo, Marty Ross (a childhood friend who flew in form New York), Tim’s brother Peter and other members of the Crozier family followed up likewise with emotional stories, and there was some well constructed poetry from the kids. Jake Irwin came up with a Rainbow Man analogy that was a perfect fit for the Tim Crozier we all admired.

Tim's Wake

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Crozier family and Tim’s long time blood brothers and sisters.