Way Back When with Triggs | Ep 2 Kenny Reimers

Over the past few decades Trigger Brothers has accumulated a large collection of old school photo’s of Paul, Phil and friends from back when it all began! So we decided it’s time we get Paul to write up a short story about some of these classic moments in time… from local sessions and state titles to random road trips across the country.
Trigger Bros.

This week’s photo is a picture of Kenny Reimers from the early 80’s. This is definitely one of our favourite photo’s of a Trigger Brothers team rider. At around the age of 13 or 14 we spotted his potential when sharing a few waves at his home break of Flinders. One of the first things we noticed was that he had heaps of flare and a¬†pizazz¬†factor.


By the time he was 18 Phil and I both thought he was the next best surfer to Wayne Lynch in Victoria. Ken simply surfed faster then anyone else and as you can see by this old photo, he was radical. He could do some really nice 360’s which at the time Pete Wilko described as just tricks (but they seem to be pretty popular in todays modern surfing).

He was also a very good skater and after learning to shape in the old Chelsea shaping pits, he travelled to QLD where the KR ensignia sat at the top of the ladder of elite Australian Shapers. His four finners were very creative designs that saw him literally flying across the face of the wave.

Kenny is a master craftsman who has helped set up pro foiler and shaping machines for the likes of Dalberg, JS, Darren Handley etc. He currently works out of Simon Forward’s Ocean Grove factory and you can still order a custom from the man himself through any of our Trigger Brothers store.