Surfcrew 11-12 Comp 4 Results

WOW! What a way to finish a swell troubled season. Despite a swell starved summer Autumn has provided us with two weekends if great surf. With a massive swell forecast for the weekend we got the best day despite the dying wave size.

Midday provided us with clean 1-2ft surf rising on the incoming tide to 3+ foot on the sets. All our Supergroms rose to the challenge, revelling in the fantastic conditions all getting plenty of waves and ripping them apart.

We started with the Under 10 Girls out the back. All girls getting some great waves and Casey taking out her first win of the season. Quickly followed by Under 10 boys outback. With no non-contestants in the water the boys did well despite the long lulls and lack of waves. Great job by Max Burton taking out the final.

The sand covered inside provided fantastic waves for the Under 10 inside divisions with plenty of waves caught by all. Josie and India fought out the girls with Josie closely taking honours. The boys was well surfed with an inform Ziggy Strauss taking out the division with a pumped Mitchell Lyall and Ben Rippon hot on his heels.

With the rise in tide the swell continued to become more consistent and provided some really good surf. Next came the Under 14 divisions. Two full heats of boys and girls saw some great competition. Making these finals was a challenge in itself. Coming back for the last event saw an inform Gully Steelhead dominating the final. Posting a perfect 10 and 9 posting a total score of 19! Awesome Gully!! Ripping. A tight field followed with Ned, Oscar, Nick and Lex hot on his heels.

The Under 14 Girls too was a tight battle. Alex, Daisy, Lily and Sassha battling it out! Well done to Sassha on taking out this division.

The under 12 divisions’ followed with two full heats of the Under 12 girls and a hotly contested Under 12 boy final. Heats were very close with the girls with the top seven making the final. Again plenty of waves were caught by all but an in form Piper Harrison proved hard to beat and took out the division. The Under 12 boys fought to win the aggregate. Despite massive scores post by Rip Everett and Jett Dickinson, Charlie Lucas proved too good on the day. Coming back from illness and injury this was a great win for Charlie. Great job by all!

The under 16’s field was small but well surfed. Well done to all.

A huge thanks to all our families whom stepped up and helped on the day. As I said at the start of the event, I was understaffed as Harry, Skip and Claire my usual organizers were missing. Despite this amazing efforts were made by Sarah Bounds who has made singlet marshalling a sport of her own in which she achieved a gold medal performance. Al Bounds and Mick Fowler in judging and organizing. Deb Clarke who also achieved gold in timing, flags and sirens. My newest side kick Jane Fowler whom did and amazing job at Tallying and organizing. Sue Strauss for judging. Megan Fallon for starting the BBQ and cooking all day! 150+ sausages great effort. All our wonderful water safety dads and judges. Paul Trigger for judging and water safety. Apprentices Keeley Clarke, Claire Bounds and India Lucas for all their assistance and enthusiasm.

A thank you to John Lloyd and Family for providing supergrom judges with 4 sets of much needed binoculars for the judges. We appreciate the donation and thought!

I hope everyone had a great day. I certainly finished the season on a high note. I thank all the Supergroms for putting in great efforts and trying their best with a smile on their faces. All the families for supporting and cheering on everyone. Huey for providing sunshine and swell!

Our presentation day will be after the school holidays. I will let you all know a date when I get sorted. Well done on a great summer series. See you all down the beach!



Contest 4 2011-12 Summer Series


Under 10 Girls Outback

  1. Casey Lloyd
  2. Keeley Clarke
  3. Tia Holman


Under 10 Girls Inside

  1. Josie Reichelt
  2. India Lucas
  3. Alice Fallon
  4. Erica Fallon
  5. Charlie LLoyd
  6. Belen Coggins


Under 10 Boys Outback

  1. Max Burton
  2. Marlon Harrison
  3. Saul Taylor
  4. Archer Lloyd
  5. Darby Hipwell


Under 10 Boys Inside

  1. Ziggy Strauss
  2. Mitchell Lyall
  3. Ben Rippon
  4. Will Holman
  5. Tom Fowler


Under 12 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Sascha Taylor
  3. Jessica Laity
  4. Beth Fallon
  5. Brynee Clarke
  6. Isabella Shannon
  7. Abby Lyall
  8. Ella De Graf
  9. Claire Bounds
  10. Zali Cargill
  11. Jay Reichelt
  12. Sarah Lark


Under 12 Boys

  1. Charlie Lucas
  2. Ripley Everittt
  3. Jett Dickinson
  4. Max Vercoe
  5. Sam De Koning
  6. Heath Corlass


Under 14 Girls

  1. Sassha Belle Witworh
  2. Alexandra Wake
  3. Daisy Everett
  4. Lilly Strauss
  5. Katelin Clemie
  6. Erin O’James
  7. Naomi Taylor
  8. Sophie Hall
  9. Annie Buntine
  10. Mia Newman


Under 14 Boys

  1. Guy Steelhead
  2. Ned Shannon
  3. Oscar Van Stekelberg
  4. Nick Ford
  5. Lex Bounds
  6. Tom De Koning
  7. Luke Frankland
  8. Luke Davies-Uniake
  9. Max Hollands
  10. Cameron Myers


Under 16 Girls

  1. Laura Fowler


Under 16 Boys

  1. Kye Espencheid
  2. Zane Cargill