Surfcrew 11-12 Comp 3 Results | Trigger Bros

Well done to all our frothing grommets on a fantastic 3rd Contest in our 2011-12 summer series. Despite the late mid week call to hold event with swell forecasts looking favorable for a early start Sunday, we had an amazing turnout of supergroms and their families. All kids just excited to be surfing another round of the series. The 7.30am start start on a Sunday morning was a push for some but provided us with surfable conditions that enabled a quick event that was all over by 10.30am. The 1-2ft lightly onshore conditions held up for the duration and plenty of waves were caught by all. Also a warm welcome to all our new families and supergroms.

Thanks to all our parent helpers. Again Skippy and Claire for their ongoing tireless efforts head judging & tallying. Sarah and Al Bounds for singlet marshalling, judging and water safety. Deb and Christian Clarke for timing, flag bearer, judging and water safety. And of course all the lovely helpers that I have forgotten to thank!

Next Supergroms contest date: Sunday 25th  March. Swell conditions are looking very favorable but check email and Trigger Bros website to confirm that event is on.

Don’t forget to register by 7pm on Friday night. I think everyone would agree that the day runs a lot smoother with pre registration.


Keep Surfing

Mel Dart-Harrison


Contest 3 2011-12 Summer Series



Under 10 Girls Outback

  1. Keeley Clarke
  2. Casey Lloyd


Under 10 Girls Inside

  1. India Lucas
  2. Alice Fallon
  3. Josie Reichelt
  4. Chole Pollerd
  5. Belen Coggins
  6. Erica Fallon


Under 10 Boys Outback

  1. Marlon Harrison
  2. Iestyn Evan
  3. Archer Lloyd
  4. Max Burton
  5. Saul Taylor


Under 10 Boys Inside

  1. Ziggy Strauss
  2. Ben Rippon
  3. Darby Hipwell
  4. Mitchell Lyall
  5. Tom Fowler


Under 12 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Beth Fallon
  3. Jessica Laity
  4. Zali Cargill
  5. Ella De Graf
  6. Brynee Clarke
  7. Jay Reichelt
  8. Sarah Lark
  9. Abby Lyall
  10. Claire Bounds
  11. Sascha Taylor


Under 12 Boys

  1. Ripley Everittt
  2. Jett Dickinson
  3. Charlie Lucas


Under 14 Girls

  1. Alexandra Wake
  2. Lilly Strauss
  3. Naomi Taylor


Under 14 Boys

  1. Reuban Bergner-Bowman
  2. Oscar Van Stekelberg
  3. Max Hollands
  4. Lex Bounds
  5. Tristan Collins
  6. Cameron Myers
  7. Luke Frankland
  8. Ned Shannon
  9. James Easton
  10. Luke Davies


Under 16 Girls

  1. Laura Fowler


Under 16 Boys

  1. Kye Espencheid
  2. Zane Cargill