Phils Ramblings – Kombi Chase – Trigger Bros


When I was in QLD in Feb, there seemed to be an increasing number of restored Kombis everywhere, but it wasn’t until I saw the raw shell of a split screen Kombi in the back of the Aust Fin Co factory, that started the chase to photograph every one that crossed my path. From the Gold Coast to Port Macquarie and everywhere on the Peninsula, where ever I was I’d stop and take a shot. When I was forced out of the water for 8 weeks after an arthroscopy on my knee we travelled around France and England where I continued the hunt but had little success. On our return I was told about the VW club meeting at the Yarra Valley race track, 1 ½ hours up East Link and we were in Kombi heaven. Paul’s 1st car was a Kombi and our sign writing mate Greg Hill put our old English logo on either side, there’s a picture of Paul with bleached hair standing in front of it on the wall at the Point Leo shop. Greg hand painted the old English logo’s on the first 20 boards we made.

I’m back in the water on my SUP and loving it, but it’s still a struggle to stand up. I know a lot of people must be missing me especially all my mal riding mates at Pine Tree Bay. Last Tuesday I went for a paddle at Pines as usually I was the only one out with just one other car at the end of the car park. When I went in there was an infringement notice on my cracked windscreen, I thought it was a joke and threw it in the bin, a couple of days later the official notice came in the post, a highway patrol car from Mentone had obliviously got lost and somehow ended up at Pines he must have checked out every car in the car park. The good news is the return of the Kingswood, yes it’s back on the road again after 8 months in pieces and its back to the original beige colour.

The good surf was at Hossegor, similar set up as Gunna. We met up with Scratch one of the old Peninsula crew who now lives in Hossegor , he told us we were at the Nudie Bum Beach and that’s what the sign says. The messy surf is at Lands End on the Cornwall  coast. The clean flat wave was at Newquay  40 Kms north .

See you in the surf     Phil.T