Surfcrew 11-12 Comp 1 Results

What an amazing start to our new contest season.

A huge warm welcome to all our new and returning Supergroms and their families we hope you had a wonderful day.  Today saw kids and families everywhere with over 70 kids competing.  Congratulations to all Supergroms on doing so well and ripping in some testing conditions.  All the results are attached.

The swell forecast during the week did not disappoint.  Huey managed to deliver swell which allowed us to run our first event.  Despite the challenging winds and sweep along crunchie point all our grommies did well and all tried their best.

The day provided us with 2-4ft surf at crunchie point on a rising swell, strong cross to offshore winds, sunshine and the occasional shower. This rising swell allowed us to split the event to the more protected and small spot of Treloar reef for the younger age groups.  Despite being a logistical nightmare it proved to be a very success move in terms of surf, which is fantastic.  Thanks to Harry for facilitating this move and Mick Fowler for his assistance judging.

Many thanks to all out wonderful parents whom assisted in running the event today.  However we always require further assistance particularly in the following areas:  judging, setting up, photography, spotting, cooking the bbq and water safety.  If you are unsure how to do any of these activities please ask and we can teach you in no time.  We are all volunteers and an event of this nature cannot be run successfully without everyone pitching in to some degree.

Particular thanks to the following people:

  • Sue Strauss, Claire & Ellen Easton for taking memberships, tallying and providing yummy homemade pastries for the judges!!  Very nice Ellen!!
  • Sarah Bounds for doing an amazing job as singlet Marshall and heat coordinator despite being hit in the head by a flying surfboard earlier in the day.
  • Al Bounds for judging & water safety
  • Andrew Strauss, Bernie Everitt, Chris Clarke, Pete Lucas, Matilda Shannon, Trav Cargill, Cam Newman, Jon Ford for making the effort to be water safety throughout the day when there kids were no longer surfing.
  • Tim & Jodi Hollands for cooking the mighty BBQ!!
  • Mick Fowler for judging for hours on end!
  • Mark Harrison for being water safety for first 3 hours then running our split contest at Treloar reef with very few resources!
  • Deb Clarke and Tash Lucas and for just being handy and ready to assist constantly through the day everywhere.
  • Skip Easton for coming straight from a hard day at work and going straight into it!  Good onya Skip!
  • Several of the new parents whom names escape me who were eager to learn to judge and help on many occasions.



U10 Girls Inside

Alice Fallon
Jade Stewart
Belen Coggins
Sienna Hayles
Charlotte Duell
Madison Clarke
India Lucas

U10 Girls Outback
Keely Clarke
Casey Lloyd

U10 Boys Inside
Mitchell Lyall
Saul Taylor
Sam Hollands
Lachie Hollands
Jamie Clemmie
Max Griffin
Tom Fowler

U10 Boys Outback
Marlon Harrison
Archer Lloyd
Ziggy Strauss
Thomas Vercoe

U12 Girls
Piper Harrison
Isabella Shannon
Sacha Taylor
Brynee Clarke
Abby Lyall
Claire Bounds
Jessie Laity
Zali Cargill
Lucy Newman
Beth Fallon
Sarah Lark

U12 Boys
Charlie Lucas
Ripley Everitt
Rhys Stewart
Hugo Day
Jarran Watson
Max Vercoe

U14 Girls
Sassha-Belle Whitworth
Annie Buntine
Alexandra Wake
Lily Strauss
Mia Newman
Sophie Hall
Naomi Taylor
Daisy Everitt

U14 Boys
Liam Washburn
Oscar Van Stekelberg
Lex Bounds
Tristan Collins
Max Hollands
Flynn Washburn
Cameron Myers
Reuban Bergner
Billy White
Joseph Smith
Ned Shannon
Nick Ford
James Easton
Sam Fowler

U16 Girls
Laura Fowler
Grace Hall