The Brew – Paul Triggers latest nose rider mal

Shapers and surfers are always searching for that magic board whether it be the ultimate noserider or a lightning fast high performance short board.


Collecting info,  stats,  ideas,  impressions gained from watching dvd’s, (in its day Wingnut’s art of longboarding provided invaluable tips),  surfing the internet and analysing the marketing spiels put forward by hundreds of other manufacturers plus constant experimentation and team rider feedback.  It’s a mixture of all these ingredients that has gelled to form our latest noserider The Brew.


9’2″ x 23″ x 2 3/4″The ideal starting point for a good mal is a Burford Blank, in this case their 9’3 set up with Noserider Rocker (it has very little nose lift with normal tail lift).  Don has three other popular rocker lines, MK1, MK2 and Standard all offering specific performance.

The key features of The Brew are:


  1. At 23″ wide and a much fuller nose area (19″@ 12 up) this shape is very stable for walking and provides for longer time on the nose. 
  2. A 3/8″ deep teardrop concave provides lift.
  3. The bottom shape is a combination of roll and vee, with ultra soft rails right through to the tail to drag it down when hanging your toes off the other end.
  4. A larger than normal fin is essential to eliminate slide and hold the line set for the ultimate noseride.


These Malibus are custom shaped by Paul to suit riders weight and ability, then glassed by Phil with some amazing tints and pigments coming through. You can catch Paul Trigger at our Frankston store on Fridays and Saturdays.