Surfcrew 2010-11 Presentation

Well here we are at the completion of the second year of the newly launched Supergroms Summer series!

Over the Supergroms season we had over 120 kids join the PSC with 70-80 grommies surfing each series round.Our largest divisions being Under 10 and Under 12 Boys and Girls which is wonderful.Many of the grommies at the higher end of the ability spectrum have surfed in the PSC club contests and State level events during the year which is fantastic!

Despite having trouble aligning contest dates with swell and tides we managed to complete four fantastic contests.Three of the four events at ‘Crunchie Point’ and the fourth at ‘The Point’. Traditionally we have had sign up on the day for these events but trialled with great success the online registration of the Wednesday prior to the event with contest heats and schedules being posted on the Friday night.We will adopt this format for the coming season.In addition we have made the start times more flexible to fit the tides not just Sunday morning which has also been a positive step that we will continue to the coming season.

Last weekend we had the Presentation day for the Supergroms 2010-11 summer series.A late wintery autumn afternoon at the clubrooms with bonfire and BBQ which was fantastic.We had a good turn out of grommies and families which was wonderful to see.

A huge congratulations to all Supergroms aggregate winners and those that placed in the overall aggregates.All places received individually crafted trophies courtesy of the creative Phil Trigger whom gave left over resin a new life.Thanks to amazing donations from all the companies we approached all aggregate place getters received a goodies bag full of great prizes.The prizes included deckgrip, legropes, sunglasses, clothes, caps, dvds, keyrings. Etc.Thanks a you to our enthusiastic sponsors: Quiksilver, Trigger Brothers, Balin, Live sunglasses, Analogue, Far King Wax, Ann Fish and Surf yoga videos.See the aggregate results below.

The kids (See list below) that were unable to collect there prizes on the Presnetation day can email me and organise to collect there trophies and gear.Also the first and second place getters will be notified regarding collecting there Live Sunglasses as soon as I get them!

A huge thanks to Quiksilver we also recieved 2 complete sets of small contest rash singlets. This is a fantastic gift to supergroms as a rash tops were stretched, massive, alcohol tagged and faded making it very difficult to fit the kids and see out in the water.The kids felt like pros wearing them!!A massive thanks also to the Lucas family (Pete, Tash, India and Charlie) for donating a large dome beach shelter/tent that could also shelter us all in the worst storm.The Lucas family offered to donate the shelter as they felt there kids got so much from the program that they wanted to contribute to the greater picture.Thanks heaps!!

Well done to all our grommies whom had a great go this season.Overall we have seen the standard of all competitors improve out of sight, which is fantastic!We are very proud of you all.

A huge thanks to all the parents with which a series of this nature could not be run.Thanks to everyone for cooking the BBQ, judging, tallying, water safety, grommie preparation and all the other amazing jobs you do on the day.

Finally would like to thank Lachy Mc Donald and Peninsula Surfriders Club.As club president he does a fine job and entrusts me to run the summer series without question, which is wonderful.Also Thanks to Robbo for making the clubrooms look amazing for our preso.Special thanks also to Harry, Piper and Marlon for allowing me the hours and energy to spend on this project and Skip and Claire Easton for providing ongoing support in too many areas to mention.

Keep surfing in winter and enjoy the disappearing crowds.Look forward to seeing you all keen and ready to go after the September school holiday.

Mel Dart-Harrison

Aggregate results 2010-2011

Under 10 girls inside

1.    Beth Fallon

2.    Sarah Lark

3.    Casey Lloyd

4.    Charlotte Duell

5.    Tia Holman

6.    Belen Coggins

7.  Madison Clarke

8.  India Lucas

8.  Elise Hudson

9.  Marley Woods

10.Maggie Poole


Under 10 girls outback

1.    Piper Harrison

2.    Brynee Clarke

3.    Hailey Reid

4.    Isabella Shannon


Under 10 boys inside

1.    Jamie Clemmie

2.    Ziggy Strauss

3.    Max Griffin

4.    Lachie Hollands

5.    Tom Fowler

6.    Flynn Wickes

7.  Saul Taylor

8.  Sam Hollands


Under 10 boys outback

1.    Rhys Stewart

2.    Marlon Harrison

3.    Archer Lloyd

4.    Ripley Everitt

5.    Max Vercoe

6.    Charlie Lucas

7.  Thomas Vercoe

8.  Heath Corlass

9.  Corey Trigger

10.Ollie Benetton

Under 12 girls

1.    Annie Buntine

2.    Lilly Strauss

3.    Zali Cargill

4.    Claire Bounds

5.    Erin O’James

6.    Katelin Clemmie

7.  Daisy Everitt

8.  Mia Newman

9.  Caitlyn Robinson

10. Ruby Poole

11. Emma Martin

11. Morgan MInchin

12. Jessica Laity

13. Cyntara Antonie

14. Sascha Taylor

15 Sophie Hall

16. Lucy Bowman

17. Ella Sharmann


Under 12 boys

1.    Gulliver Steelhead

2.    Lachie Brearley

3.    Nick Ford

4.    James Easton

5.    Ned Shannon

6.    Cameron Myers

7.  Lex Bounds

8.  Sam Fowler

9.  Lochie MacIntosh

10. Max Holllands

11. Jed Fasso

12. Rupert Hazel

13. Oscar Van Skelenburg

14. Hugo Day

15.Luke Franklin

16. Will Antonie

17. James Sampson

17. Max Rippons

18. Harry Sloban


Under 14 girls

1.    Alexandra Wake

2.    Saasha-Belle Whitworth

3.    Laura Fowler

4.    Molly Bowman

5.    Grace Hall

6.    Naomi Taylor


Under 14 boys

1.    Tom Duell

2.    Darcy Nigro

3.    Liam Wolters

4.    Reuban Bergner-Bowman

5.    Kye Espenchied

6.    Billy Dumphy

7. Jeremy Franklin

8.  Jack Collings

9.  Jett Wickes

10. Lachlan Robinson

11. Jarrod Barke

12. Lucas Hudson


Under 16 girls

1.    Bella Ford

2.    Kerrie O’James

3.    Matilda Shannon

4.    Abbey Lethlean


Under 16 boys

1.    Zane Cargill

2.    Baden Croft

3.    Hayden Richardson

4.    Kale Wilson

5.    Jack Martin

6.    Will Veale

7.  Tim Trivett

8. Joe Schofield

9.  Ben Hudson

10. Jayden Minchin


Encouragement awards

India Lucas
Thomas Vercoe
Daisy Everitt
Lex Bounds

Appreciation Certificates

Trigger Brothers Surfboards
Balin Legropes
Far King Wax
Live Sunglasses
Surf Yoga DVD Ann Fish
Skip and Claire Easton
Al & Sarah Bounds
Lucas Family

Uncollected prizes and trophies

Tia Holman

Flynn Wickes

Lachie Brearley

Nick Ford

Cameron Myers

Molly Bowman

Naomi Taylor

Kye Espenchied

Bella Ford

Abby Lethlean

Baden Croft

Hayden Richardson

Kale Wilson

Jack Martin