Phils Ramblings Aug 2010

Gold Coast and Aussie Titles Port Macquarie Aug 2010

This was the 3rd year the longboards, shortboards and SUPS were meeting at Port over a 2 week period. I was in the O/55 longboards and the day before we flew to QLD surfing Vic rang and said there was a spot in the SUP’s, Ant Stevens the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry captain who was already in the team, was bringing up my SUP so I could take it back to QLD, so it work out pretty well.

For those who haven’t been in a contest it’s your 2 best waves ridden during a 20min heat. The better and more consistent the waves the more chance you have of showing the judges what you can do. If it’s small and inconsistent it becomes a hassle and a luck factor comes into it. In the 2nd round of the Mals I scored 2 8’s in the first 6min of the heat. The next day Peter Cox from SA told me I’d won a slab of Fosters for the highest heat score of the day. Being a non drinker I was going to give it to Pete, but as I walked past the Vic’s they were keen for a share as well. On claiming it I was told somebody had already collected it on my behalf, needless to say there was a lot of disappointed faces.

In my semi only 5 knee height waves came through in the 20min which didn’t even break in the same spot. After paddling for 4 waves that didn’t even break, after catching a couple of really small waves and I just missed making the final. Over the week I took 40-50 shots of the fin set ups of the best long board surfers in Aust.

It’s interesting to note the distance from the tail and the size of the back fin, the evenness of the 3 fins, the lack of quad fins, and Danny Bonds tunnel fin which seems to give him more time on the nose than almost everyone, or is it just him. All the results can be checked out on the Surfing Australia Web site.

Two days later the SUP’s are on, the swell is up to waist height but its just close shores which prove very difficult to ride, it’s a struggle and I end up in a requal heat. 4 of us have paddled at the start of the heat and within 2 min the wave I’ve waited 3 days for came to me, I won the heat and progressed to the next round. The board I was riding was an 8’8” Reality which works well on the long wally waves at Pines but up here surfing against 20 year olds on smaller lighter boards in quick little beach break peaks you need something with a bit more zip. I borrowed an 8’4”Naish and unfortunately it was too difficult to paddle into waves, it did turn pretty good but I obliviously need a lot more practice.

It was great to see team mates Greg Brown win the O/40 Aussie long board title, Emma Webb win the open women’s Aussie SUP title and Melissa Dart-Harrison in the short boards placed 4th in the open women and 3rd in the over 28’s. Back on the Gold Coast the sand at Kirra is still getting eroded off the beach! It’s now back to the shelter, which means the shore has come back at least 2/3rds from where the Kirra Desert was. The Coolangatta LSC has got 2 fantastic shots of the Points covered with sand and all the bays filled in. The pictures of Kirra beach show you just how much it’s changed over the last 12 months. You would have to think the next big swell will give a pretty good indication as to how much Kirra has comeback. It will be interesting how it changes over the next year or so.

See you at Pines