Surfcrew 09/10 Aggregate Results

What a perfect way to cap off a great summer series for Supergroms. A beautiful autumn afternoon in the sun on the green at the PSC clubrooms. We had a fantastic turnout of about 100 grommies and their families. With the BBQ sizzling thanks to Skip and a couple of cold drinks it was very relaxing for the parents. The Supergroms all ran around like crazy jumping on the Jumping castle, thanks to Jenny Fasso, kicking the footy, playing cricket and skating on the ramp, eating lolly pops, icy poles and delicious Supergrom choccie cake (also courtesy Jenny Fasso). A huge congratulations to all our Supergroms on a massive increase in skills, ability and confidence.

To all our kids whom placed in top 6 and got a trophy well done!

We were very privileged and lucky to have Richie Porta to speak and award our Supergroms Aggregate trophies. Richie Porta grew up at Gunnamatta and is now the Head Judge on the World Surf Tour with the world’s best surfers.  He gave some very sound advice to all, including surf as much as you can and in as many contests as possible to get the most out of your surfing. Thanks for your time Richie.

All divisions received trophies that were uniquely handcrafted by Phil Trigger for the Supergroms. Awesome to say the least. Thanks Phil! Not only did all the kids receive there trophies but prizes as well.

All the kids whom attended the event received a prizes (including: hats, wallets, purses, key rings, lanyards) courtesy of Quiksilver, Triggers, Balin leg ropes and Billabong hats. Quiksilver were very keen to support the Supergroms program and are very enthusiastic about grassroots surfing on the Mornington Peninsula. Huge thanks to Quiksilver for providing lots of product to give away.

Our Excellence awards went to:

Zali Cargill, Ripley Everett, Troy Jessop, Benji Pulsford, Sebastin Francis, Annie Buntine, Sophie Hall, Mai Newman, Saasha-Belle Whitworth, Sam Fowler, Stanley Williams, Cameron Myers, Matilda Shannon, Hayden Richardson, Kye Espenchied, Jack Collings, Stephanie Wynn, Sam pardy, Ben Hudson and Luke Waddell. Those whom didn’t receive there certificates on the day will receive them by mail.

Certificates of Appreciation have been awarded to:

Finlay’s meats- Frankston (next to Safeway) Quiksilver Trigger Brothers Paul Trigger Phil Trigger Gavin Duffy Shannon Creasey Jenny Fasso (Interior Packages: IP) Skip and Claire Easton Mick and Jane Franklin

Our sponsors were all fantastic and very supportive. If you know anyone who would be interested in sponsoring our Supergroms program for next season please contact me. I would like to thank my husband Mark Harrison and my kids Piper and Marlon for allowing me to indulge my passion of junior surfing, support me at every contest and behind the scenes and do there best competing themselves. Thanks also to Lachy McDonald (PSC president) and the Peninsula Surfriders Club for listening to my ideas and trusting me to run with it and make it a success.

To all the parents for braving the often wild conditions and bringing your kids down on a Sunday and helping out in many different ways at every event. And last but not least our Supergroms. For not only committing to every contest with enthusiasm and spirit but for always trying you’re hardest and never giving up! Well done!

Next year is going to be a great Summer series. We will commence straight after the September school holidays. I will be in touch through the next couple of months letting you know of any other events that you may want to have a go at.

Remember I can be contacted at anytime on

Thanks again, see you down the beach Mel Dart-Harrison


< h3 class="title">Results
4th SuperGrom Contest 2009-2010 Season
20th March 2010 Crunchie Point  Point Leo

Under 10 Boys (out the back)    Under 10 Boys (inside)
 1. Sebastin Francis             1. Jamie Clemmie
 2. Rhys Stewart                 2. Ziggy Strauss
 3. Charlie Lucas                3. Ripley Everett
 4. Archer Lloyd                 = 4.Tom Fowler
 5. Max Vercoe                   =4. Flynn Wickes
 6. Marlon Harrison

 Under 10 Girls
 Out the back                    Inside
 1. Piper Harrison               1. Claire Bounds
 2. Brynee Clark                 2. Charlotte Duell
 =3. Zali Cargill                3. Tia Holman
 =3. Caitlin Robinson            4. Sarah Lark
 5. Casey Lloyd
Under 12 Boys                Under 12 Girls
 1. Nick Ford                    1. Saasha-Belle Whitworth
 2. Lex Bounds                   2. Alexandra Wake
 3. James Easton                 3. Lilly Strauss
 4. Mitchell Jessop              4. Katelin Clemie
 5. Gully Steelhead
 6. Stanley Williams
 =7. Luke Franklin
 =7. Cameron Myers
 =9. Ryan Meuleman
 =9. Jed Fasso
 =11. Nathan Abbott
 =11. Sam Fowler
 =13. Kelvin Dumphy
 =13.Luke Davies
Under 14 Boys                Under 14 Girls
 1.Hayden Richardson         1. Bella Ford
 2.Jamieson Kingston         2. Kerry O’James
 3. Kye Espenschied          3. Matilda Shannon
 4. Jeremy Franklin          4. Laura Fowler
 5. Lachlan Robinson         5. Ellen Easton
 6. Nick Rose
 7. Jarrod Moser
 8. Sam Sterling
 9. Jett Wickes
 10. Billy Dumphy
 11. Jayden Minchin
 12. Jack Risely
 =13. Tom Duell
 =13. Billy Tovey
 = 13. Tanner Bishop
 =16. Keegan Downing
 =16. Lewis Purchase
 =16. Riley Hood
 =16. Peter Morrison
 =16. Darcy Nigro
 =16. Darcy Wilmott
 =16. Zane Cargill
Under 16 Boys                Under 16 Girls
 1.Billy Young               1. Tabitha Vockler
 2. Jack Dewhurst            2. Georgia James
 3. Mitch Abbott             3.Bailey Thomas
 4.Harrison Young            4. Ginny Hodgkinson
 5.Sam Pardy                 5. Jasmin Winch
 6. Jaycob Harrison
 7. Lachlan Dunne


Aggregate Results 2009-10 Supergroms

Under 10 Girls (inside)
1.Claire Bounds
2.Casey Lloyd
3.Charlotte Duell
4.Sarah Lark
5.Molly Newton
6.Ashley McIntosh
7.Tia Holman

Under 10 Girls (out the back)
1.Piper Harrison
2.Brynee Clark
3.Caitlin Robinson
4.Summer Pitts
5.Zali Cargill

Under 10 Boys (inside)
1.Ziggy Strauss
2.Archer Lloyd
3.Tom Fowler
4.Jamie Clemie
5.Daniel Jones
6.Corey Trigger
7.Ripley Everett
8.Troy Jessop

Under 10 Boys (out the back)
1.Charlie Lucas
2.Rhyss Stewart
3.Flynn Wickes
4.Marlon Harrison
5.Max Vercoe
6.Jamie Townsend-Kopp
7.Benji Pulsford
8.Sebastin Francis

Under 12 Girls
1.Alexandra Wake
2.Lilly Strauss
3.Kaitlin Clemie
4.Saasha-Belle Whitworth
5.Emma Martin
6.Hannah Ben M’rad
7.Annie Buntine
8.Sophie Hall
9.Mia Newman

Under 12 Boys
1.Nick Ford
2.James Easton
3.Gulliver Steelhead
4.Lex Bounds
5.Jed Fasso
6.Luke Franklin
7.Sam Fowler
8.Mitchell Jessop
9.Lachie Brearley
10.Cameron Myers
11.Stanley Williams
12.Luke Davies-Uniacke
13.Harry Hince
14.Ryan Meuleman
15.Kelvin Dumphy
16.Nathan Abbott
17.Lachie Mcintosh
18.Harry Phillip

Under 14 Girls
1.Bella Ford
2.Laura Fowler
3.Kerrie O’James
4.Ellen Easton
5.Matilda Shannon
6.Courtney Winch

Under 14 Boys
1.Jamieson Kingston
2.Jeremy Franklin
3.Nick Rose
4.Jett Wickes
5.Beren Hammil
6.Joel Wookey
7.Tom Duell
8.Hayden Richardson
9.Jack Martin
10.Lachlan Robinson
11.Jack Collings
12.Kye Espenchied
13.Louis Purchase
14.Jarrod Barke
15.Peter Morrison
16.Oliver Willliams
17.Jarrod Moser
18.Sam Sterling
19.Billy Tovey
20.Jayden Minchin
21.Jack Risely
22.Billy Dumphy
23.Tanner Bishop
24.Riley Hood
25.Keegan Downing
26.Sam Hince
27.Zane Cargill
28.Darcy Willmott
29.Darcy Nigro

Under 16 Girls
1.Tabitha Vockler
2.Georgia James
3.Ginny Hodgkinson
4.Bailey Thomas
5.Jasmine Winch
6.Jessica Marasco
7.Stephanie Wynn

Under 16 Boys
1.Billy Young
2.Jack Dewhurst
3.Harry Young
4.Lachlan Dunne
5.Jaycob Harrison
6.Mitch Abbott
7.Luke Waddell
8.Ben Hudson
9.Sam Pardy