Supergroms Summer 2009-10 Contest 4 Results

<h2>Crunchie Point Point Leo Sunday 21st March 2010</h2>

What a fantastic way to complete an awesome summer series for our Supergroms. With an unusual scheduled start time of 12.30pm to coincide with the high tide we were gifted with 3-5ft swell at Crunchies. Great contest waves despite the onshore wind. Again we had a fantastic turnout over 80 kids with lots of new memberships on the day. Welcome to all our new Supergroms and their families. We also had many PSC families and friends come and watch and enjoy the afternoon which was fantastic.

The great conditions and swell challenged our Supergroms in all age groups to show us how they have improved in both skill, ability and confidence over the season which was great. The overall surfing of all the kids has increased considerably over the summer which is fantastic. Well done! The contest remained very fierce in the Under 12 and Under 14 boys divisions whom had to battle through heats and repercharges to make the finals. Well done to all those competitors for making their respective finals.

As with all our Supergroms contests we are dependent upon parents helping run this event. Thank you to all parents whom lent a hand over the day whether on the BBQ, judging, water safety, tallying. I would especially like to thank Skip Easton, Claire Easton for there ongoing organisational assistance, Ken Robinson for always putting up his hand and jumping in to help wherever he can, to Morgan Winch for bringing the tent, PA and taking fantastic photos to document the day, all our great water safety people including but not limited to: Jon Ford, Darren Minchin, Jeff Vockler, Mark Harrison to name a few your support of the kids in the water is invaluable, Evan Kingston for once again being our BBQ King, Paul Finlay from Finlays Meats in Frankston for supplying the sausages for our Free BBQ, Phil Trigger for taking photos despite having a lame foot!

Thanks also to all our wonderful families for giving up their Sundays. Most thanks to all our Supergroms for putting in their absolute best, trying their hardest, never giving up and inspiring us all in surfing. Well done!

We have held the results back until presentation day in PSC tradition to create some excitement and anticipation for the overall aggregate summer series results.