The Making of a Custom 9ft Log

I recently had Paul Trigger shape me up a traditional styled 9ft Mal with a square tail, slightly pointer nose, rolled bottom, 60/40 rails. The challenge was to give it a paint job worthy of the shape, something that instantly looked like it had come from ’66 but with a modern twist . We’ve been watching Tales from the Black Van and You Scratched My Anchor a bit and browsing some of the many online blogs with pictures of some amazing hand crafted single fins, twinnies, mals and other retro boards so inspiration wasn’t a problem.

It turns out we had some left over original orange tint lying around the factory, it was a very bright orange and I wanted something a bit more subdued, more like a pastel. So we mixed it with some white until it was toned down. This is then mixed with the laminating resin and glassed like any other board.




Testing the color








From here Phil glassed the deck and did a perfect job of trimming the excess glass on the rail wrap which is crucial with a tinted board that will not have a pinline to hide a crooked cut line.

For the colored bands I was thinking of doing a pastel blue or green but chickened out and went for something a bit more neutral with off white and black. The bands are pigmented resin and are hand painted with a small brush. They are deliberately rough with a sketchy look which contrasts with the clean and classic board underneath. I forgot to take my camera for that trip to the factory so here’s a pic from the finished board of the bands.




We didn’t have any old tissues lying around of Trigger Bros logo’s that would suit the board but luckily we have a kick ass vinyl cutter that lets us produce custom stencils of just about any single color image. If you are skilled in producing vector based images (think Adobe Illustrator files) we can cut them and apply them to the board.

Using an airbrush the stencils are spayed onto the board after hand sanding and before the filler coat. Then you simply weed the vinyl and the logo is good to go.





Once the logos were applied it was filler coated and polished. Here’s the finished board.



The board is a single fin, a hole goes through the back of the fin box through to the deck to avoid a plastic legrope plug.

If you want something a little different like this don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us.