Surfcrew Writeup Comp 2 09/10 Series

Sunday 13th December 2009

Welcome to all our new Supergroms! What an amazing morning Sunday the 13th December. Our Supergroms grew in membership from 40 to nearly 100!!!! A huge congratulations to all the kids on a fantastic effort in fun 1-2ft waves at Crunchie point. Despite being marginal all the Supergroms gave it a good crack. The competition was tight and fierce particularly in the Under 12 and Under 14 boys.

Despite the initial calamity with the massive unexpected signup we regained control and were able to run a fantastic contest with the help of all the parents.

The energy on the beach could have powered Melbourne on a hot summer’s day. Kids running around everywhere, eagerly awaiting there moment of glory. We just managed to complete the contest before the tide got too low and swell all but disappeared.

A huge thank you to all parents for judging and supporting the morning’s activities we appreciate you all giving up your morning sleep in. I need to mention a few people who on the day went beyond the call and were instrumental in the day being a roaring success. Firstly, Mick and Jane Franklin for your amazing Rye recruitment drive, judging, flag and siren skills couldn’t have done it without you! Ken Robinson stepped into teacher mode and got the ball rolling, many thanks Ken. Ant Brearley for stepping in the fire and taking all the memberships and fees and then running the last portion of the contest. Both Darren Jessup and Darren Minchin and many of the other dads for enthusiastically judging and supporting all those new to surf judging. Claire Easton for helping to tally. Morgan Winch and Phil Trigger for taking heaps of pics which you will all get to appreciate on the website. To Matilda McLennan, one of elite junior surfers in Victoria for giving up her time for coming down to talk to many of the Supergroms. Mark Harrison for being out in the surf assisting all competitors throughout the contest then cooking up a storm of sausages on the BBQ. My friendly butcher Paul of Findlay meats in Frankston next to Safeway for kindly donating the sausages. For anyone I have forgotten please accept my apologies I appreciate you all!

Remember next contest you will all get your exclusive club t-shirts!

Have a wonderful Christmas and watch the websites for updates.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2010.

Melissa Dart-Harrison


U10 Boys (Inside Break)

  1. Ziggy Strauss
  2. Archer Lloyd
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Troy Jessup
  5. Tom Fowler

U10 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Brynee Clark
  3. Molly Newton
  4. Claire Bounds
  5. Ashley McIntosh
  6. Casey Lloyd
  7. Caitlan Robinson

U10 Boys (Outside Break)

  1. Charlie Lucas
  2. Jamie Townsend-Kopp
  3. Rhyss Stewart
  4. Benji Pulsford
  5. Marlon Harrison
  6. Flynn Wickes
  7. Max Vercoe

U12 Girls

  1. Saasha Belle-Whitworth
  2. Lilly Strauss
  3. Alexandra Wake
  4. Kaitlan Clemis
  5. Annie Bunfire
  6. Emma Martin
  7. Sophie Hall
  8. Mia Newman

U12 Boys

  1. Nick Ford
  2. Lachie Brearley
  3. Gulliver Steelhead
  4. Lex Bounds
  5. Jed Fasso
  6. Sam Fowler
  7. James Easton
  8. Harry Hince
  9. Mitchell Jessup
  10. Stan Williams
  11. Calvin Dunphy
  12. = Lochie McIntosh
  13. = Luke Davis-Unjacke
  14. Harry Phillip

U14 Girls

  1. Bella Ford
  2. Matilda Shannon
  3. Kerrie O’James
  4. Ellen Easton
  5. Courtney Winch
  6. Laura Fowler

U14 Boys

  1. Jamieson Kingston
  2. Joel Wookey
  3. Beren Hammill
  4. Nick Rose
  5. Jett Wickes
  6. Louis Purchase
  7. Oliver Williams
  8. Tom Duell
  9. = Lachie Robinson
  10. = Jeremy Franklin
  11. Tanner Bishop
  12. Jack Riseley
  13. Riley Hood
  14. Sam Hince
  15. =Jayden Minchin
  16. = Jack Martin
  17. = Jarrod Bark
  18. = Keegan Downie

U16 Girls

  1. Tabitha Vockler
  2. Georgia James
  3. Bailey Thomas
  4. Ginny Hodgkinson
  5. Stephanie Wynn
  6. Jasmin Winch

U16 Boys

  1. Billy Young
  2. Jack Dewhurst
  3. Harry Young
  4. Luke Waddell
  5. Jacob Harrison
  6. Lachlan Dunne