Surfcrew Comp 1 Oct 09 09/10 Series

Excellence awards

Lochlan Dunne, Luke Franklin, Gulliver Steelhead, James Easton, Jett Wickes, Beren Hammil, Kerry O’James, Laura Fowler, Alexander Wake, Lily Strauss, Marlon Harrison, Ziggy Strauss and Daniel Jones.

Our new contest season was launched with success at Crunchie Point in ideal 2 ft clean waves.  The day saw the return of many familiar faces but also bought with it a whole lot of new and eager Grommies.   The SuperGroms are all girls and boys aged between 5 and 15 years.

After contest briefing and warm up drills the contest started.  Conditions started inconsistent but improved with the rising tide.    All of the SuperGroms managed to catch lots of waves and seemed very satisfied with their efforts.  Increasing wind and disappearing sunshine did not harbour enthusiasm.  With kids running around and having a great time in and out the water even after surfing their heats.  The majority of kids stayed for the BBQ and presentation.

Huge Thank you’s to all the following:  to Claire for the wonderful job she did collecting memberships;  all the dads that braved the cool water to support their kids, Harry for staying out for the duration of the contest helping all the grommies and Paul Trigger for his water assistance;  Phil Trigger for photography; all our wonderful parent judges including: Pete Lucas, Jon Ford, Drew Steel, Al Bounds, Sarah Bounds, Garry Wake and Ben Pitts; to all the parents for getting up and down the beach on their precious Sunday morning and; to Mick Franklin and Harry for cooking the BBQ;  Paul Findlay of Findlay meats for providing the BBQ; Triggers for the goodie bags; and last but not least to all the kids who put in a huge effort, trying their best we had a great time watching you do your surfing.

If you have any friends that maybe interested in joining us please call 0407568467 for further info. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Melissa Dart-Harrison


U10 Boys

  1. Charlie Lucas
  2. Daniel Jones
  3. Benji Pulstory
  4. Cory Trigger
  5. Flynn Wickes
  6. Marlon Harrison
  7. Ziggy Strauss

U10 Girls

  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Summer Pitts

U12 Boys

  1. Gulliver Steelhead
  2. James Easton
  3. Lex Bounds
  4. Luke Franklin
  5. Nick Ford
  6. Sam Fowler

U12 Girls

  1. Alexander Wake
  2. Lilly Strauss
  3. = Emma Martin
  4. = Hannah Ben M’rad

U14 Boys

  1. Jett Wickes
  2. Jeremy Franklin
  3. Beren Hammil
  4. Jack Martin

U14 Girls

  1. Bella Ford
  2. Laura Fowler
  3. Kerry O’James
  4. Ellen Easton

U16 Boys

  1. Billy Young
  2. Harry Young
  3. Jack Dewhurst
  4. Lochlan Dunne

U16 Girls

  1. Georgia James
  2. Jessica Marasco