50 Years of Surfing

To celebrate our 50 years of surfing we decided to make a special board to be sold for a ridiculous price.

The way we did it was with great help from Darren Burford who rewarded our 30 years of loyalty with a super price on 60 blanks, Simon Forward for the shapes and John Jolly who stepped up for the massive task of glassing 2 lots of 30 boards a week. John normally would do the board from colour design, glassing, fin placement, filler coating, sanding, hand sanding, and finishing. We are one of the few companies that make board like this.

With the Destroyers we made them the same as most glassing factories where one person has one job, you make more money because you are doing more boards and all the manufacturing costs are reduced, but there’s not much satisfaction in making boards on an assembly line and that’s why John has been with us for almost 40 years.

See you in the surf

The picture below is in 1964 Paul is 14 and I was 13